Secrets of a Cyclist

I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle.

NEVER touch a cyclist’s gloves.

One day I went out without my gloves and went back to get them because I realized even though I don’t need them, I wear them anyway. Because it really helps when you have snot flying out of your nose and a runny nose is my biggest arch nemesis. Every. Single. Ride. Sigh.

Never ask to borrow another cyclist’s gear.

Especially helmets. Last year, I washed my helmet for the first time in months because the thought of washing it never crossed my mind. Hey, I wash my hair after EVERY ride okay.

Cyclists are usually commando under their padded cycling shorts.

Yes really— and it took me over 2 years to discover this amazing secret!! Where have I been?! You want the ultimate comfort to your private regions when riding and going commando totally works.

Cyclists love pain.

A bicycle is 100% powered by human strength and performance which means it’s a continuous battle physically and mentally but it is the combination of pain and pleasure, achievement and freedom that always lures us back for more. I can’t get enough of it!! It’s hard for non-cyclists to understand… but exactly like how I don’t understand the running thing.

Cyclists are a passionate bunch.

I’ve met a lot of new people on group rides and it is amazing to be part of a group where everyone is just SOOOOO passionate about something (in this case, cycling). Everyone is always upbeat, friendly and positive and I think that is because they are all fit and healthy …because they are cyclists afterall.

Do you have any secrets?

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