Riding in Louboutins

I have a confession: I’ve always had a secret dream to own a pretty cruiser bike and ride around town looking pretty, chic …and not sweaty with helmet hair, dead bugs all over and smudged eyeliner.

Christine Baba
Christine Baba

If you know me, you know I am a vain-cyclist. I choose my gear because of aesthetics …THEN functionality, weight, brand and all those tidbits “real” cyclists love to obsess about. I like high quality components but they HAVE to look… pretty. I have always been enamoured with Dutch bikes. Mine would be neutral (all white or black), suited with a big basket and cute leather panniers. She would have a step-through frame just in case I feel like wearing a dress and flat pedals so I can wear more stylish footwear. Weight won’t matter because I’d still be training on my other bikes although I wish my future Dutch bike would still come with electronic shifting. Hehe. The best thing? I wouldn’t have to worry about the chains leaving marks on my clothes.

Is it terrible that I’ve been cycling for 6 years and I still get rookie chainring tattoos? SIGH.

Due to my preferred style of riding (hard, sweaty and fast— why waste time when you can get your heart pumping?!) and the fact that I will be terrified to ride without a helmet, this ain’t happening. The other day as I was descending a mountain on my bike, I was thinking how funny it is that the more I ride, the more cautious I am on the road… due to the collective of (not-so-good) experiences I’ve had on two wheels.

Unless one day I settle down in a flat bike-friendly city or live in a condense area where I only have to cycle-commute for 15 minutes or less to my destination— in protected bike lanes. The city has to be flat… because I am obsessed with hills and I lack the ability to “take it easy up hills” (it’s all about momentum).

Yes I know I am totally over-thinking it and making up a million excuses on why I can’t look city-chic on two wheels… but I also have no money to spend on new bikes and even if I did, I’d have no where to keep anymore bikes! Blah blah blah. Excuses!

But until then, I will stick with my carbon dream machine, pretty lycra and hints of pink…


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