Ride to Conquer Cancer: Training & Ride Journal

Yes, the The Ride to Conquer Cancer was last summer and it is just so something I would do like publishing this almost 10 months later. The reason is because my friends and I signed up for TOUGH MUDDER VANCOUVER and I am drafting entries on training for the event and this is somewhat related.

Back track to almost a year ago, this is the story of my training and the 240km ride from Vancouver to Seattle, which I can proudly say, I did almost effortlessly. This is super long entry, but worth the read if you are planning to do the ride this June. Note that I wrote this last June and some minor editing done today.

Warning though; I’ve written some pretty arrogant entries but I think this is probably one of my most arrogant yet. I’ve never so proud of myself. Ever.

One of the things I learned from The Ride to Conquer Cancer was that I am fitter than I thought I was. This is a HUGE turning point for me because one of the reasons I really saw the need to start living a healthy lifestyle was when my boyfriend and I went biking around his neighbourhood in Vancouver years ago, and I could barely make it past a couple blocks without getting tired and wanting to kill myself.

The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.

This year, I biked 240km against all the elements and it was EASY. The ride was not a struggle mentally or physically… in fact I just kept on pushing myself to see how far my limits were by ripping it up the hills and trying to keep up with faster cyclists on expensive road bikes for tens of kilometers at a time. I was never a “long distance” cardio person since I do a lot of shorter but higher intensity training so I was surprised at the outcome. I was even a little disappointed when I felt no soreness after the ride because feeling sore after a good workout is icing on top of the cake. It makes you feel like you worked harder than you did. I’m really proud of myself— I trained so hard the last couple of months and the results were amazing.

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