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  • I haven’t been writing much because I’m always working. There always seems to be work to get done but I appreciate it because I had 3 weeks of NO freelance work a couple of months ago (first time ever) and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I love working!
  • Maybe that’s a sign I need to learn how to relax.
  • All I want to do is cycle right now but my body needs variety and since I hate running, I’m back on the elliptical again and I’m enjoying it! You can really get an awesome HIIT workout on it and I can vouch because I lost 25lbs from my elliptical-queen phase (okay well, weightlifting should probably take most of the credit).
  • I haven’t had a real workout on the elliptical since #323 in August 2011.
  • I really really love cycling whether it be on a real bike or a stationary bike at the gym. When I plan a cardio/spin day, it’s seriously the highlight of my day and no, I don’t get bored spinning indoors. As long as I have some good EDM to listen to, I’m good to go.
  • You may not believe this but I LOOK FORWARD to indoor cardio. It’s the only time in the day where I can relax and let my mind wander OR get some thinking done.
  • I just did a quickie powerlift day at the gym so that means tomorrow is cardio day. I’m. So. Excited.
  • Cardio is awesome when it’s not a chore.
  • The women’s change room is closed next week (worst news ever) which means I have to be armed with dry shampoo and wipes to avoid smelling like a wet towel at work.
  • The past month I’ve been super bloated from way too much sodium. I make giant pots of soups often so I don’t have to cook dinner for the week. I made Pho for 2 weeks in a row, then Kimchi Stew the last two weeks. I think I will take a break and then do a couple of weeks of Bun Bo Hue in January. 😉 Once I start obsessing over something, I’ll eat it until I’m sick of it!

How have your workouts been lately?

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