Reminisce: Last Year’s January Rides

Reminisce: Last Year’s January Rides

This winter has not been very bright and cycling-friendly in Vancouver. Last year at this time, I remember countless freezing sub-zero (yet dry!) rides with my friends. Early morning 6am spins before the sun would even rise over the winter skies, and then happily spinning to the office where my sweatless-self will jump into a cold shower— not doing much to warm up my frozen fingers, but doing lots of good for the soul.

Because of the weather, I have to admit I’ve been lazy the last couple months. My last ride longer than a one way commute was in November, and I have had zero motivation to peel myself out of bed early in the morning for a training ride in the pouring rain that’s been drenching the city. But I am still shamelessly happy to say that I am still more active than the majority of the population— I’ve been riding my bike to work every day, rain or shine, thanks to the hideous fenders I got installed on my beautiful race bike!  I really have no excuse to join the ranks of those fair-weather riders.

My fitness is still up, legs are strong and my heart is very, very happy. I think everyone needs to try it! This was also the perfect time to force myself back to the gym to lift weights daily, so I don’t have to feel guilty once I start spending all my free time on my bike again.

Here are some shots I took during my cycling adventures last January. It is such a huge contrast to this year, no thanks to El Niño. Looking at these makes me really motivated to ride again!

Vancouver Sunrise over the Lionsgate Bridge

Our award for peeling ourselves out of the warm covers of our blankets, and immersing ourselves into sub-zero temperatures. You can never get enough of sunrises like this.

Vancouver Sunrise

I can’t remember how many of them I caught, but we all know how invigorating and amazing it feels to be out exercising at this hour, while the rest of the city was just waking up.

Vancouver | Jericho Beach

I’d be out along with my people— the early morning fitness enthusiasts, simply wanting to start our day right.

Vancouver | Jericho Beach

Sometimes the skies would be gloomy, but all that mattered was that we were out there, moving our bodies and being grateful for the beautiful surroundings.

Vancouver | Lions Gate Bridge

Up mountains, through tunnels and over bridges we go…

Vancouver Coal Harbour Sunset

Some evenings, I would get off work early enough, just in time to see the sun set over the city.

Vancouver Coal Harbour Sea Wall

And to extend my commute by riding a few laps around Stanley Park, until the dark, crisp night sky enveloped me.

Vancouver | Lions Gate Bridge

Sometimes I’d head over the bridge and take shitty photos of the Vancouver skyline at night.

The evening commutes over the viaduct into the heart of Vancouver would be clear and dry... a sight I haven't seen this winter!

The evening commutes over the viaduct into the heart of Vancouver would be clear and dry… a sight I haven’t seen this winter!

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    Live Unapologetically Pt. 2

    Live Unapologetically Pt. 2

    Katy | Prague | Halloween 2015 I like my hair big, my make up dark, lashes long and my heels high. I love drama and anything different. Natural is boring. I am proud of my body because I always remain disciplined. I am a go-getter. Once I make up my mind, things will happens.

    I like to ride the crap out of my bike and I prefer to mainly do it on my own because I don’t want to converse with you. Life is hard as a social-introvert— I feel as though I never have enough energy to keep up with the world. When I need to be alone, I need to be alone… otherwise I will completely shut down and be unapologetically antisocial. I am a bit of an empath and love to be surrounded by loud, outgoing and happy people… which maybe a reason why all my best friends are loud extroverts.

    I hate large events and would shamelessly turn down invitations if I don’t feel like going. I cherish intimate dinners where you can actually have meaningful conversations about things that matter. I invest the majority of my free time with my closest friends. I always make the effort to see everyone I care about. If I care about you, I will move the world for you. Being surrounded by good company is what life is all about. There is nothing wrong with being picky about it either. Time is too precious.

    Having a naturally quiet voice makes being in loud restaurants really stressful. But at the same time, I love going out too much. I hate being drunk or out of control and I don’t understand why people need to drink, or do drugs to enjoy life. I can’t be around personalities who takes everything personally. I have no respect for lazy people. Those who are constantly late are disrespectful assholes. I can easily detach myself from my emotions. I don’t like fluff. I’ve never given a sh!t about what other people thought of me and although I have burnt many bridges because of it, I’m still working on the balance.

    There is nothing wrong with being picky… it just means you have refined tastes.

    I don’t think babies are cute and I think most parents need to control their kids. I think over-population is a huge problem in our world. And not enough people care about this planet we live on. I never want to be trapped in the typical, conventional lifestyle that everyone seems to be living. I believe there is more to life than all these preconceived notions society seems to be ruled by. I want to experience everything. I love recording my life in photographs and words. I am constantly trying to create memorable moments. I am an atheist. I will never apologize for the choices I make. I will never judge others by choices they make. I have nothing to prove to anybody but myself. I will always live my life unapologetically.

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      More Pillars for Abundance in Life

      More Pillars for Abundance in Life

      The other pillars in my life are:

      When you’ve finally started taking care of yourself,
      when you’ve finally allowed some time for personal growth
      …you can finally focus everything else that will add abundance to your life.

      You already have the strength to break free of negativity.
      You have learned to not take things personally.
      You have developed compassion towards other beings.

      Everything only goes upwards from there.

      You will have the foundation to build WEALTH and live the life you’ve dreamed of.

      Because your new found confidence will take you to higher places.

      While constantly searching for purpose, you will stumble upon new passions.
      You will have the ability to take your experiences and contribute to the greater good.
      You always find personal fulfilment when doing something you love.

      You will have the time to satisfy your INTELLECT.

      To be open-mind to new ideas.
      To always seek new challenges.
      To pursue lifelong learning.

      This is vital for continuous personal development.

      You will find success in nurturing your RELATIONSHIPS.

      You will be surrounded by true friends who aren’t afraid to disagree with you.
      They will point out your flaws and correct your misconceptions.
      They will ground you by showing you things you can’t see.

      Why surround yourself with people who will only tell you what you want to hear?
      Why surround yourself with people who are exactly like you?
      Without different mindsets, opinions and views on life, you will never grow as a person.

      True friends will keep you rooted you to the ground, but feed you the water of life.

      In the end, we all just want to be happy.

      Happiness is well-being.
      Happiness is life satisfaction.
      But most importantly, happiness is contagious.
      We all want to be around people who radiate positive vibes.

      All these pillars, including spirituality and physical well-being represents the foundation and stability of your life. They need to be built and attended to as your grow as a person and they are the core of your personal development because without them, your strength will diminish.

      What if an unexpected change suddenly materializes? Will you be ready to deal with it? Your life is only as strong as your weakest pillar. If one falls, the others will crumble alongside it so you will need to be focused on all of them, at any point in your life. If you succeed in one pillar but neglect the others, your life will become imbalanced and extremely prone to failure— if one leg of the table is broken, you won’t be able to hold anything up! You cannot work on your career and neglect your health and relationships, and you cannot spend all your entire life searching for enlightening and neglect your financial foundation, which is a necessity for basic survival.

      If your foundations are strong, then you are ready to live beyond the normal parameters of life… to be able to take on greater challenges and responsibilities, and to live a life with greater purpose.

      But perhaps none of your pillars are strong but that’s okay. As long as you ensure each are a work in progress that you are constantly attending to, you will do just fine in life.

      Building these foundations are not for the weak. It requires a lot of time, strength and resilience. Are you ready to take responsibility for your own life?

      spirituality | well-being | misc

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