Why I Workout: Ride & Eat

This is just an excuse to do something with all the food pictures I like to take but one of my favorite things to do is go for a long bike ride to a destination with yummy food, pig out and ride back (and trying not to puke from all the food we just ate).

But seriously, I do have a reason for all the food pictures and gym selfies I take other than to post on Instagram: I organize all my photos by year and month and if I want to look back on how I was doing or what I was eating at a certain point in time, I can quickly open that folder and scroll through all the images. Essentially, my photos are my journal; food, fitness and just life in general.

Anyway, here comes 100% no-guilt nom-ness and the reason why I really workout.

Olive Garden, Wired Monk & poutine.

Olive Garden in Langley, Wired Monk in Crescent Beach and POUTINE. I just had to put my picture with a poutine because the poutine defines who I am. Just kidding. But seriously, I love poutine and nothing is a better combination than cycling AND poutine.



    Sweating Away The Stress

    I like to say a good and hard workout is the answer to everything and sweating it away it the best way to deal with stress. Whenever I am stressed out at work, which seems to be everyday lately, I would run away to the gym, throw on my headphones and spin it away or if I have my roadbike there, I’d take it out and do a bunch of hill repeats. Cycling is my favorite form of exercise but of course, weightlifting, wall balls, burpees and everything else is still on my gym therapy list.

    Another great reason on WHY you should workout and I swear it works. And another reason to push yourself to do more intense workouts because the more intense your workouts are, the more you have to focus which will definitely take your mind away from all the stress.

    Bikes @ Crescent Beach

    How do you deal with stress?