When I Started Working Out…

I Fucking Love Fitness

Super old poser hiking photo. Wish I took more #selfies back then so I would have content for my blog now.

When I started working out…

  • I lifted baby weights and never significantly increased it.
  • I did too much cardio. I was more scrawny than lean.
  • I use to be an Elliptical queen.
  • I never went to the gym with a plan.
  • I use to go during off hours because I didn’t feel confident at the gym.
  • I use to avoid the free weights area because I didn’t know what to do. I would only do cardio and maybe a couple of weight machines.
  • I would literally bring one of my 1000+paged fantasy trilogy novels and read it while “sweating” it out on a cardio machine.  I was definitely not working out hard enough.
  • I would have a great workout in the morning (usually 30 minutes on the Elliptical and some weight machines with light weights) and then I would reward myself with a big breakfast of hash browns and the my favorite breakfast wrap at my company’s cafeteria. These days, I still eat hash browns and breakfast wraps but I deserve it more now than I did back then because my workouts are much more intense.

Looking back at my fitness-self then and now, I’ve definitely come a long way. I lift heavy, I reduced my cardio and mainly do HIIT, I have a nice variety in my workouts, I push hard every session and I have 100% confidence in the gym. We all had to start somewhere!

What were some things you did when you started working out that you wouldn’t do now?


    Who I Can Thank for My Motivation

    My boyfriend for cooking me healthy and delicious, homemade meals. I know he’s sometimes tempted to throw a stick of butter but he doesn’t… for me. My friends for being fit, healthy and good influences. The people you spend the most time with affects your life in every way. My blog for keeping me on track, motivating others, which in turn, keeps me motivated all the time. The thousands of other fitness blogs out there that influenced me to start this life-changing journey. My mind for always overpowering my weaknesses. Fitness for always making me feel goodMy health for allowing me to keep going.

    Motivation is contagious. Pass it on.

    Who do you have to thank?


      Knowledge is Motivation: Link Love

      I Feed My Boyfriend Unhealthy Food, Because If He Loses Weight, He’ll Leave Me – This is horrible and selfish. Please don’t ever do this.

      Fasted Cardio: Good or Bad? This is an oldie but I forgot I had it bookmarked in my reader. Fasted cardio is the biggest waste of time because you usually don’t have enough energy other than to do steady-state cardio anyway. If you really want to burn fat, you need to be doing high intensity interval training and you’ll need to eat up to have enough energy to do it properly. Always make your workouts count!

      When Do Men & Women Reach Their Physical Peak? – Interesting read. People are always telling me to cherish my fit and healthy self because once I hit 30, my metabolism is going to go down the drain. Harharhar.

      How to Build a Cooking Habit – If you know me, you know I hate cooking. I think it’s the biggest waste of time when I could be doing something else like cycling or reading books and blogs.. or eating. One of my goals this year is to cook more and hopefully develop a habit out of it so I can eat wider range of foods for their nutrients.

      Clean Eating Will Take You Places – Who would’ve known? It’s amazing how many people are not aware of the relationship between their body and the foods they eat.

      Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.

      Is Sugar Addiction Why So Many January Diets Fail? – I’m actually on a 5-day sugar challenge to only consume under 20g/day and of course it’s hard! Sugar is in everything except my rules this time around are more lax because I can consume protein powder and dairy.

      How Eating Vegetables Can Save Your Life  – “2.4 cups of vegetables or more daily reduced the risk of death by 10 percent and delayed that risk for 1.12 years” …among all the other benefits of vegetables. There are many delicious ways to eat veggies and I still believe those who don’t like veggies, partly has their parents to blame because they were never exposed to deliciously prepared vegetables as a child.

      9 Reasons To Eat Fish Right Now – Mmmm. Sashimi.

      Are your shoes, bags and accessories made out of lead? – The toxic truth about what you maybe wearing.

      Yoga, spinning and a murder: My strange months at Lululemon – A popular article that’s been floating around the interwebs the last couple of weeks. I’m actually not a huge Lululemon fan because their clothing is overpriced and I don’t like the design nor fit or any of their tops. Plus their limited cycling gear has always been absolutely hideous.