Clipless Confessions

I have a confession. Clipless pedals have induced anxiety before my rides particlarly when commuting. I’m fine once I get on the road but the thought of having to clip in (and out) really annoys me since I ride through the city and have to constantly stop at lights… and the fact that I HAVE NO COORDINATION whatsoever is a worry to me. I have no problems remembering to clip out but sometimes my feet will slip a couple times or just not clip in the first time around. Very annoying especially at a busy intersection when I have to merge with cars during rush hour… or worse, when that intersection is at the bottom of a hill!

Ah, how I miss the simple times …with regular pedals. Plus I don’t see too many Ride & Grind adventures this summer because I don’t feel like carrying extra weight [shoes] up to Grouse with me just so I can hike up the Grind. Maybe I should take on the challenge and hike up in my bike shoes. Hah.

Ideally, I would get a new bike, put the stock pedals back on my current one and use it for commuting and chores. Clips are fun and I love them because they make me faster and more efficient but they totally are NOT necessary.

I still love my clips though so I’m not complaining!

I will eventually get use to them and be able to clip in effortlessly. Hopefully.

//End rambling.


    The Hideous: Women’s Cycling Gear

    Remember when I use to write about fashion and beauty on this blog? That seems like ages ago. These days, I don’t shop as  much as I once did and I think that was when fitness found its way into my life. Isn’t it amazing? Fitness CURED me of my shopaholic problems. I use to go out and buy things without even looking at the price tag but now when I do shop, I am more mindful.

    …And that is probably because I’m saving to buy fitness equipment and apparel. Snowboards, boots, bindings, winter jackets, BIKES, cycling jerseys, bike shorts, workout gear in general… WHY MUST YOU BE SO DAMN EXPENSIVE? I take it back, I think fitness actually made my shopping problem a lot more complicated because I am spending more money now. But at least everything I buy these days doesn’t get thrown in the back of my closet with the tags still on.

     So now onto why I wrote this entry:


    Gah. Gah!! GAHH!! I just puked on myself 50 times.

    Instead of shopping for pretty dresses and tops, I’m browsing for performance gear— especially for cycling but I only own TWO actual cycling jerseys (not counting a waterproof shell and a long sleeve for cold weather riding)… you know with those handy back pockets since all roadies can’t live without. I love riding in my Under Armor and Nike tops because they are plain and simple, fit me like a glove with no flashy and obnoxious designs …but I do wish they had some back pockets to carry all my junk while I ride.

    Lululemon Fail

    My heart goes out to this poor women who has to wear this hideous kit by Lululemon.

    Random list of rants related to cycling gear:

    • Getting lost in a world of pastel pink, magenta, turquoise, baby blue makes me dizzy and nauseous.
    • The countless times I see the perfect black or white jersey so I pull it out of the rack …only to find the fucking pink swirls and flowers printed on the other side. Way to fucking mess up a perfect jersey.
    • When there ARE nicely designed cycling gear for warm weather riding, they have SHORT SLEEVES.  I really do not understand this whole thing with cyclists and their tan lines. MAJOR DISLIKE. That’s why I only wear sleeveless when the sun is out …or suffer in long sleeves. Yes I am that vain.
    • Sleeveless jerseys: they are either a gazillion dollars, looks like shit or doesn’t fit right. Oh yeah, and they give you tan lines.
    • I understand cyclists want to be seen but obnoxious logos (why do you want to wear giant logo when you’re not even sponsored anyway?) and obnoxious prints are not the way to go. You may cause a huge accident after blinding the poor driver who just crashed his car into a pole because he just couldn’t handle your psychedelic jersey.

    I’m not a princess on a bike. I’m a QUEEN so give me what I want!!

    My #vainmirrorpics always come in handy (especially when you have a blog). Call me boring but my idea of perfect cycling gear is plain, single colored, and fits like a glove. How hard is that to design?! And yes, I do like pink [working gear only] and it just so happens that I'm wearing pink in my #vainmirrorpics .. but it's not the pastel pink I'm complaining about!

    My #vainmirrorpics always come in handy (especially when you have a blog)!! Call me boring but my idea of perfect cycling gear is plain, single colored and fits like a glove. How hard is that to design?! And yes, I do like pink [workout gear only] and it just so happens that I’m wearing pink in my #vainmirrorpics .. but it’s not the pastel pink I’m complaining about!

    Note-to-self: Get back pockets custom sewn into my perfect Under Armour and Nike tops.

    Disclaimer: if you actually own one of those hideous jerseys, I promise I don’t actually make fun of people wearing them. They just don’t suit me. But clearly, there IS a market for women’s cycling jerseys with flowers and psychedelic prints all over them because I’ve seen many on the roads…


      I Love Weekends, I Love Life!

      Happy birthday, Rose!

      Last minute birthday dinner for my fit and fabulous friend, Rose!! The second picture was a throwback from last March when I first moved into my apartment and we made our “drink” – the 1239 Hot Pot in a Shot.

      Weekend Ride

      This weekend was prime biking weather! Not cold and not so hot so that I had to wear the sleeveless tops which means tanlines! But hot enough that I didn’t wear my leggings and I got bike shorts tanlines. Yuck. That’s a reason why I don’t like regular cycling jersey’s (t-shirt style) and just cycling gear design in general (only because of all those logos plastered everywhere but that’s a different blog post). I’m definitely not a hardcore cyclist because I don’t think tanlines are something I can ever be proud of!! I’m just a vain cyclist okay.

      Fun at T&T. I don't know why some people don't like grocery shopping!

      Fun at T&T. I really don’t understand why some people don’t like grocery shopping! I can spend hours and hours and waste my life (and money) in grocery stores.