Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday is back!! I don’t think I’ve done one of these in years.

  • Morning Bike Rides. Nothing beats getting up to ride! I found that I was the least grumpy on days I bike to work in the mornings and after downing a cup (or two) of Vietnamese coffee, I’m ready to take on the world.

    Cannondale Road Bike

  • My new clipless pedals! I can’t believe I only made the jump now but I’m glad because I can totally tell the difference it has made to my riding. I can ride up hills on a much higher gear than usual and still have some breath left in me at the top. It’s also nice to feel other parts of my legs burn rather than just my quads. I still have trouble clipping in though but being the uncoordinated person that I am, I will probably always have that problem for life.
  • Yummy lunches. I haven’t been bringing my own lunch to work this entire month since I’m doing so much overtime so I’ve been eating really well— maybe too well. It makes me think I’ve been eating rabbit food all these years for lunch! But really, I’m lazy and my homemade lunches are quick,  simple and cheap salads.
  • Bunnies. Especially ones that goes by the name of Pavlova and Toast! Having pets at work is also another secret to getting through a long work day.

    Cute bunnies: Pavlova and Toast

  • Vietnamese coffee. I recently bought a cute little coffee dripper for work and Boyfriend got me a box of Trung Nguyen coffee (the Starbucks of Vietnamese coffee). My secret to getting up at 5am, cycling to work, having tons of energy for workouts and working 12 hour days (which is NOT the norm for me as our usual work days start at 10am) is Vietnamese coffee! It is the only thing that gets me through the day without wanting to kill someone by 3pm. I drink it sans the condensed milk although I do have some in my fridge at work and do indulge on certain days.

    Sugar-Free Challenge: Commence!

    A few months ago I did a 2-week sugar-free challenge and I’m happy to announce that I’m doing it again but for a week only this time as a kick off to our weekly challenges. My first challenge really opened my eyes as to how addictive sugar is and although I’m eating sugar again (in moderation), I can’t wait to do another round.

    Ever since my last sugar-free challenge:

    • I’m super sensitive to the taste of artificial sweeteners (I use to be a Splenda queen but now I can’t stand it).
    • I don’t eat thing I use to love and eat A LOT of anymore just because its way to sweet and I can totally taste all the artificial sweeteners (ice cream sandwiches, Chinese fruit cakes by the slice from T&T, sugar in my tea or coffee…).
    • I don’t even eat or crave for fruit as much as I use to!
    • Super-sweet processed foods makes me queasy. Like these sweet crispy egg rolls that I use to ADORE. In fact, I had some this weekend and I felt sick after eating a single one. It actually kind of makes me sad as I grew up eating those but you live and you learn…
    • I am more aware of my reactions to sugar now and how I crave for more really badly even after taking a single bite of something sweet.
    This was all the deliciousness we had to endure through our last sugar free challenge. It was a girlfriend's baby shower so of course we cheated but we did 100 burpees, 200 double-unders and 300 squats (in order and no breaks) to make up for it.

    This was all the deliciousness we had to endure through our last sugar-free challenge. It was a girlfriend’s baby shower so of course we cheated but we did 100 burpees, 200 double-unders and 300 squats (in order and no breaks) to make up for it.

    This time, our challenge won’t be as hardcore as last time but here are the rules for this sugar-free challenge:

    • No processed sugars and artificial sweeteners (sauces, condiments, candy, white bread/rice/pasta/flour, pretty much all processed foods).
    • Protein powders are allowed.
    • Natural sweeteners such as Agave and Stevia allowed.
    • Fruit is allowed.

    Have you ever done a sugar-free challenge? If not, it is something you must do at least once. It’s an eye-opener and if you are successful, it will change the way you think of sugar! Read this blog post for more details but to reiterate: sugar is in everything so always remember to check your labels!


      How to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

      Many people get into a healthy lifestyle because they wanted to lose weight but as they continue further into this journey, they realize it is way more than that and will start to focus on making positive changes to all aspects of their lives. If you realize this early on, it will become a great asset to you so read on for simple tips to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

      How to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle: How Bad Do I Want This?

      How to achieve a healthy lifestyle:

      • Being fit and healthy is a mentality. To get fit and healthy, you must change the way you think: if you fail, get yourself together and start over. A workout shouldn’t be easy. You are the only one who can push yourself to succeed. “What’s the point of being at the gym if I’m not going to push myself today?”
      • Hold yourself accountable. Want to wake up for a 6am run? Tell your friends, tell the world, post it on social media… you’ll have more motivation to get up that early in the morning when you are held accountable. For me, I don’t like being seen as a failure so when I say I’m going to do something (even when nobody is listening), I will do it.
      • Get your friends involved. This will hold also hold you accountable if you know someone is meeting you for a gym date. My friends and I also have a Facebook group where we post everything we eat daily, hold challenges and share fitness tip. If we miss a day, we have to do 30 burpees (next time we workout together— and these can bank up too!). That’s accountability!
      • Read, write, share and talk about health and fitness. I give my blog and other bloggers the biggest credit to my success because I would not be as motivated as I am today if I didn’t constantly read and blog about it. Not only am I keeping myself motivated, I’m encouraging others to live a healthier lifestyle and some of the emails I get from readers are truly amazing and inspires me to continue on.
      • Always continue learning. In the health and fitness industry, things are constantly changing— new training techniques are discovered, new studies are proven, old studies are proven wrong… don’t ever stop learning.
      • Don’t believe everything you read. Someone’s way may or may not work for you because we are all genetically different and no two bodies are alike. If you read something online, take it with a grain of salt because it is YOUR responsibility do your own research to make sure that information is credible. I’ve posted this quote on my blog several times already but I’m going to post it again because it is 100% TRUTH:

        Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.