Random Things I Learned While Cycling

Random Things I Learned While Cycling

1. Always wear sunscreen on the face.

I spent my summer walking around with a mustache tan. Being a vain cyclist, of course, I’m more worried about the tan than the UV protection but um, yes, uv protection is important as well.

2. No matter how much sunscreen you put on your face, you will always sweat it off.

Cyclists are forever doomed.

Mandatory Vain Cyclist Image | iFuckingLoveFitness.com

Mandatory #vaincyclist photo. I am wearing this short-sleeved jersey because it was a cloudy day.

3. Don’t cry over your tanlines.

Remember they will fade. Well, I’ve never cried over tanlines before because I always move my shorts around so the line is always faint and I only wear sleeveless jerseys!! I still hate them with a passion though.

4. Never be lazy and let your partner carry things like eletrolyte tablets and extra fuel for you.

Especially if there is a mountain involved because you
will get separated. That 0.00002 grams won’t make you any faster! Just kidding, he was only carrying my stuff because all my pockets were stuffed with things like tissue for the predestined volcanic erruption of Katy’s Nose … so next time I will find more pockets instead.

5. Cycling and navigating while leading the pack is hard…

… especially when you are like me with no sense of direction. If you ever see me leading a group, do not follow. I repeat, DO NOT FOLLOW. You will most likely get lost and the length of our ride may be doubled (swear, I didn’t do it on purpose).

6. Sometimes the hardest hills are the ones you can’t see— the false flats.

But that’s always the cyclist’s fault because they are probably still trying to hammer it when gravity is totally against them.

7. When you think you can’t ride any further, take a break or slow down.

Even a 10 minute break will keep me refreshed for another hour or so.

8. Eat something quick and carbolicious before any ride longer than 2 hours.

Or drink a cup of black Vietnamese coffee. Epecially if it’s 6am in the morning. Especially if it’s going to get hot. It makes all the difference in my energy levels.

9. If you want to become a stronger rider, it will hurt.

The only way to be faster is to ride with people faster than you. And trust me, I get anxious but I never regret it!

10. It’s okay to be vain while cycling

a.k.a. making an effort to look good and keeping your face calm (and maybe even with a hint of a smile) rather than showing your true state a.k.a. on the brink of death. Are you THAT vain, you ask? One, it gives you something to focus on to take your mind off the pain. Two, maintaining a calm expression will relax your muscles and you will feel more relaxed and less tense— and reduced tension means reduced pain. Thus ready to kick ass and take over the world. Or that stretch of road at least. Maybe it’s all psycological but I swear it works for me!


    How to Become A Morning Workout Person

    I am NOT a morning person. I have no problem staying up until 4am and then sleeping until noon but on the days where I plan to workout in the morning, I have no problem going to bed early and waking up bright and early to the annoying sound of my alarm.

    How to Become A Morning Workout Person Honestly, I do it because exercise is my priority and on the days where I know I won’t have time to workout in the afternoon, that is enough motivation for me to get up early in the morning. If you don’t have that mindset, here are some tips on how to become a morning workout person:

    1. Get EVERYTHING ready the night before. Clothing, socks, hair tie, deodorant, sportswatch, heartrate strap, sunscreen, bug spray, waterbottle, mug and coffee supplies, bars/gels/snacks… EVERYTHING.
    2. Remind yourself: I never regret a morning workout. That is the first thing I say to myself once my alarm rings. Works like a charm everytime.
    3. Hydrate yourself well the night before.
    4. Force yourself to sleep early. If you are a nightowl, try sleeping an hour or so earlier everynight until you get to bed at a reasonable time.
    5. Don’t snooze the alarm.
    6. Eat a light snack. Forget about working out on an empty stomach because your body needs carbs to function and if you are going to wake up in that ungodly hour to exercise, you better make it count— which means make it intense. Eat a granola bar, banana, apple or something to give you the energy and trust me, it makes a huge difference on your energy levels. Only Cardio Queens exercise on an empty stomach because you don’t need that much energy doing pointless steady-state cardio. Cardio Queen-ness is out!
    7. Make yourself accountable. Post on social media that you are going for a morning workout. Even if no one reads it or cares, you will most likely keep to your word because you put it out there already.
    8. Find a friend who is willing to suffer with you. If you have a date with someone, you most likely wouldn’t sell them out.
    9. PLAN PLAN PLAN. Write down your workout the night before so you know exactly what you’re doing and not waste any time.
    10. Take it slow. Start with morning workouts once a week and then gradually increase.

      Gradual Weightloss: Best Way to Keep It Off

      I started my journey almost 4 years ago when I was trying to lose weight. It took me months because I did my research and came up with a plan to lose about 1-1.5lb per week and to this day, I am easily keeping it off. Losing weight maybe easy but keeping it off is where most of your effort will go and it is proven that those who lose weight gradually (1-2lbs/week) are more successful in keeping it off.


      Here is why gradual weight loss works the best

      1. You are cementing healthy habits.

        Habits take time to form and if you slowly restrict unhealthy foods and incorporate exercise to your lifestyle, the higher the chance you will have to sticking to it.

        Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time. – Mark Twain

      2. You give yourself time to learn about proper diet and exercise.

        By slowly changing your diet and increasing exercise, you will go through a process of self-discovery and find out what works the best for you. You’ll be more aware about food, calories and the effects it has on your body since everyone is different so not one “diet” is right for everyone. You will discover the most efficient way to exercise and if you did your research, you would lift heavier weights than be a cardio queen.

      3. You aren’t restricting yourself.

        Crash diets are restrictive and a sign of failure because although you may lose all that weight quickly but you won’t be able to maintain it. Everyone has a threshold and you won’t be able to resist your willpower forever. It’s much easier to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet than a deprivation-type diet.

      4. Helps maintain muscle tissue.

        Muscles are precious because they increase metabolism so you want to maintain as much of it as possible and not overdo your cardio— or you will just burn all it all off especially if you’re not eating enough. That way you can sit on the couch after a long day and still be burning calories. Now THAT is the life.

      5. It is healthy, safe and easily maintainable.

        By gradually losing weight, you won’t be starving yourself, over-training and just driving yourself towards exhaustion mentally and physically. Gradual weight loss is the best way to lose and keep off weight!

        The first and the best victory is to conquer self. – Plato