Why You Should Cycle in the Winter

It started snowing today and although I don’t think I’d cycle in snowy conditions with my road bike, I live in Vancouver where we only get snow for a couple of weeks out of the year, so there are still plenty of opportunities for me to cycle and commute during the cold winter months. The temperature has been hovering around zero lately and I still see plenty of cyclists out which really warms my heart! Please continue warming my heart. ;)

I Fucking Love Fitness | Winter Cycling

All bundled up to cycle in the cold.

Why You Should Cycle in the Winter

1. You don’t sweat.

Well, you may if you are planning to hammer it but you will cool down and dry off almost immediately. I can bike to work in the cold and even do some hill training or HIIT sprints on the way and not have to shower right away because I don’t smell like a wet rag when I get to the office like I do during summer.

2. You won’t get tan lines.

How. Great. Is. That. Seriously, that is one of the best things ever. Tan lines are always a #vaincyclist’s worst enemy.

3. You get to bundle up.

I don’t know about you but I love winter and fall fashion and that goes for workout gear as well. I love long sleeves and jackets and cycling in the cold means I get to put all that gear to use (because I usually never get a chance to wear them since I do a lot of gym-ratting in the winter).

4. It’s invigorating.

Cold showers are awesome for you so I’m sure cold bike rides are too (to some extent). Harhar. But really, there is something invigorating about riding in the frigid air. Commuting in the cold mornings really wakes you up and sets the tone for the day.

5. You feel really fucking awesome when you’re done.

You get to consume more delicious calories, you got to ride right by all those cars stuck in rush hour traffic, you just got an amazing workout while everyone was bundled up in their cars with their heaters on, you’re burning calories not fuel… how badass is that?



    I was given a bottle of Myothon by Vitality Science to test a couple months ago. I hoped use it on a couple of hard end-of-summer rides but unfortunately, my IT band totally failed on me so I wasn’t able to do anything long and intense for a while.

    To me, working out is completely mental so I am very skeptical about supplements. If my mindset is there, nothing can stop me and I rarely have “low energy” at the gym. I do everything with the mentality of “go hard of go home” (which can be good and bad) and I’m extremely lazy about remembering to take supplements. I drink  protein shakes like once a week and pre-workouts do not work for me (since I really only need my mind).

    The last couple of months have been pretty brutal for my body because I was constantly sore, something was aching, my hip flexors and IT band was still being a pain in the ass. I really began taking recovery more seriously mainly by actually resting (a.k.a. no working out), lots and lots of massages where some are painful but others are just a good half hour nap time I get to take at work and now… Myothon.

    Note that these are 100% my own views. If you’re interested, there is a code for 11% off at the bottom of this entry but in the meantime…

    Myothon in a nutshell:

    • Blend of branch chain amino acids (BCAA) and also includes the remaining five essential amino acids for everything from mental recovery to sleep quality to fat metabolism.
    • Pill form = convenience.
    • Allows you to train harder, recover faster and perform better.
    • Pure amino acids which means no calories per serving.
    • Worst side effect for taking too much Myothon is gas because they are just amino acids.
    • No binding agents, caffeine and added sugar.
    • 99% Amino Acid Uptake (percentage of amino acids from a protein that are used instead of being converted into carbohydrate and waste).
    • Almost 6x more efficient than whey or casein at providing building blocks for protein synthesis and almost no metabolic waste.
    • Improves atheletes’ endurance.
    • Improves ability to clear lactic acid by 1500% decreasing fatigue and soreness associated with demanding training.
    • Recommended 5 pills half an hour before training and 5 pills immediately after for recovery.
    • Enters bloodstream in an average of 20 minutes.
    • Myothon is a result of 10 years of research.
    • Vitality Sciences sources the same manufacturers that produce medical grade components for IVs in hospitals around the world.

    The first wealth is Health

    My experience:

    • I’ve been taking Myothon inconsistently for the past month or so. I am just bad at taking supplements on schedule.
    • I think over the course of the month, my workouts have actually gotten better and I’ve been able to push harder.
    • It was especially evident this past week when I was sleeping at 3am every night but I had so much energy during the day. BUT… was it just from Myothon?
    • I usually took 3 pills for less intense workouts and 5 when I was planning to go ALL out.
    • Soreness seemed to have went away a lot faster.
    • Feeling less tired during the day BUT I don’t know if it was from Myothon since it could be due to many other factors.
    • I had some amazing HIIT sessions on my bike with these but again, I’m not sure if it’s because of Myothon.
    • I’ve had a couple workouts where I don’t feel like Myothon did anything either but apparently, Myothon ‘really shines is when you’re pushing up against your limits.’
    • I hated choking down those big and uncoated pills. But they were a lot more convenient than a shake (and one less shaker bottle to wash).
    • The pills really stink! Kind of like opening a bottle of fish oil capsules (but not as bad).

    Final Thoughts:

    • Can’t say for sure that Myothon really helped with the extra energy because I drink a lof of coffee and eat a lot of nutritous food.
    • I’m pretty sure it did help speed up my recovery. I was usually still sore the day after my workouts but it was milder and went away a lot faster.
    • “The important thing here is getting a baseline for recovery.”

    • Can be pricey at $45/bottle.
    • If you are training hard for a big race or just work out a lot, Myothon maybe more beneficial and worth your money. They also have a 100% guarantee.
    • Wish I had this during the summer for all those long rides to see if they are really that effective.
    • Myothon can help to aid performance and recovery but you should never forget good old nutrition and proper rest (as with all supplements).

    Myothon retails for $45/bottle on their website but if you type in the code ifknlovefitness, you will recieve 11% off.

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