On Rain & Bike Shops

On Rain & Bike Shops

I Fucking Love Fitness

I wear sunnies even in the rain.

You know that feeling when you have to ride in the pouring rain after months of incredibly sunny weather? IT FEELS LIKE SHIT. And it’s because you are totally unprepared when the misery hits you like a ton of bricks after you realized that you’ve been spoiled by the sun for too long.

It’s cold, it’s windy, water is in your eyes, your socks are soaked even while wearing heavy-duty “waterproof” booties and you are anxious about your skinny tires on the slippery pavement. But you get to your destination feeling like a million dollar bad ass because you did NOT succumb to the weather.

Or maybe that is just me because I have a tendency to not think too much and “just do it”. AKA not dressing properly for the rain. Over-thinking is a serious issue that holds you back from doing what you really want to do… but in my not doing so that time, it obviously backfired on me. I never learn and I don’t want to learn! Wah, leave me alone.

The next day when you eagerly get up for your second ride in the rain, it will be much better even if it’s pouring twice as hard. Trust me. You just needed settle in mentally. Get your ass out on your bike even in the rain. Stop being a fair-weather rider!!

We are supposed to have a very wet winter this year, no thanks to El Nino, and this makes me really want to hit myself for selling my rain bike. I use to hate riding in the rain because I have to clean it after, but I very recently realized what a blessing that is. Not only is it miserably peaceful riding in the rain, but I obsessively clean my bike after every single one of these soggy sessions so that everything looks sparkling and new!

I Fucking Love Fitness | Crackle Creme

Guilt-free treats! After all, we DO run on pure calories.

During the summer, my bike is usually covered with dirt and in desperate need of new lube because I tend to ride my chains until they are bone dry. I usually can’t be bothered because all that riding makes me lazy (when I’m off the bike) so I’m constantly wearing out my chains and cassettes and neglecting any type of regular maintenance, but bike shops, rejoice! They must enjoy making a killing from me.

I buy almost everything online; clothing, hair spray, false eyelashes, toothpaste, some groceries… and I only buy cycling clothing online because I am extremely picky about styles. I always buy parts and other trinkets retail because I think it is very important to support your local bike shops.

Besides, while you are waiting for your bike to be serviced, you can always pop by a yummy cafe near by because us cyclists needs fuel since we run ride on calories! Cakes, cookies, creme brulee. No guilt. Whatsoever. Sorry NOT sorry!

Okay I admit it… the guilt-free food is the number one reason why I love cycling.

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    A Collection of Thoughts from the Saddle

    A Collection of Thoughts from the Saddle

    Drivers hate pedestrians. Drivers hate cyclists. Drivers hate other drivers.

    For all those drivers who claim to “hate cyclists” (a.k.a. the old me before I discovered the glorious benefits of riding), try to calculate the amount of time a couple cyclists on the road lengthened your commute versus the dozens of drivers who does stupid things on the road. Why don’t you hate on someone your own size? Every person on a bicycle means one less car on the road or one less person whose armpit you aren’t all up and about in a non-air-conditioned bus on a hot summer day. If you are going to let a mere cyclist ruin your day, you better learn to not let little things get to you because we aren’t going anywhere! Positive thinking, people.

    Santa Monica | I Fucking Love Fitness

    Omigawd! I wish these people in spandex would get out of my way!!

    In June, I drove for the first time in 7 months and my god, I think I was kind of an angry-wreck. Driving just brings out the worst in me. A friend from out-of-town, received the honor of experiencing my rage and he urged me to reflect on this experience and use it as a reminder on why I ride my bike. Since then, every time I drive and the fury begins to creep up, I squash it back down by reminding myself to be grateful that I would be on my bike the other 90% of the time. If I was stuck in a little metal box commuting every day, I would go insane! No wonder there are so many problems in the world!

    My life is perfect thinking that the bike is the answer to everything, so leave me alone in my little bubble.

    And just for the record, I did take my friend on a short bike ride that week but of course, my “short” rides are normally “ridiculously long” for normal people. Being the selfish person that I am, I finally turned around and realized my friend was practically dying and we still had to ride back… I guess “real men” just don’t like to complain. Harhar.

    Like I previously mentioned, I realize that many have a legit reason on why they can’t ride their bike to work but for those who can and haven’t done so, it will be the best decision you will ever make in your life. It maybe hard to start but once you do, you will realize how much of your life you are wasting away sitting in a car and you will never want to go back.

    There was a day I was too tired and hung over to bike to work so I took public transit. As I was about to go home, I found out my train going downtown was out. The ONE day I decide not to ride. Just. My. Luck. Never again I told myself. I haven’t backed out on my word yet.

    Santa Monica | I Fucking Love Fitness

    Fun in the Santa Monica sun.

    The upgrades to the Stanley Park Causeway started this week to the dismay of angry tax-payers who don’t look at the bigger picture, while cyclists and pedestrians like me rejoice! Two years ago when 61-year-old cyclist, Antonina Skoczylas fell off the causeway and got hit by a bus, the city was finally forced to take action on improving the infrastructure of that 2km stretch connecting downtown to North Vancouver. I’ve always known the sidewalk was too narrow to be shared by both pedestrians and cyclists and after her accident, there was never a time I’d be riding the causeway not thinking about her accident. In fact, I avoid it as much as I can and always take the long way around in Stanley Park but many commuters don’t share my enthusiasm for fitness and are just trying to get over the bridge and home to North Vancouver. And yes, many cyclists do use the causeway and some have no choice.

    We are not joking when we say we have to “risk our lives” riding over this causeway… a major traffic corridor, packed with cars, trucks and buses zooming by at high speeds. There were too many close-calls for comfort— and the countless times when I would anxiously slow to a crawl by a pedestrian walking in the middle of the the sidewalk (not to the right), who can’t see or hear me coming from behind because they have headphones on, not knowing if their sudden movements will push me off the sidewalk and into traffic where I would share the same fate as Antonina. I’m sure pedestrians wonder if they will get hit by speedy cyclists descending and ascending that rolling sidewalk all the time. Theses upgrades are definitely much-needed. People complain now but once it’s done, it will be forgotten anyway and everyone will be safer.

    When people feel safe, they will take more risks. This shouldn’t be about instant gratification. Every little infrastructure upgrade in the city will add up and may result in getting more people off the road— relieving traffic congestion. What about our future?

    Pacific Coast Highway | I Fucking Love Fitness

    If you really want to risk your life, ride on the PCH!

    As a driver, you don’t notice how many people in the city actually cycle.

    When you drive rapidly through city blocks, of course you don’t notice and that’s why you always hear, “… but NO ONE ever uses the bike lanes! The bike lanes are always empty!”

    When you are actually riding in the bike lanes, you know differently.

    Obviously we are more aware on our bikes— I mean we are forced to be (or risk our lives) and we can’t be looking down at our cellphones like most pedestrians. Yes, we notice that many people actually use the bike lanes!! Much more than people claim, considering the ratios of drivers vs. pedestrians vs. cyclists.

    As a cyclist, I notice more and more people are cycle commuting every day. When the sun is out, the greenways in Vancouver are always PACKED. The traffic light pelotons are brightly adorned and waiting patiently to get on their way. Even when it’s raining, there are still countless brave souls out there conquering the roads. It makes me really happy and proud that Vancouver is slowly becoming more bike friendly …and the fact that more people are realizing it.

    There are hardly any streets that I feel uncomfortable riding in. I tend to avoid certain routes if I could due to past accidents or extremely close calls, which can be traumatic, but not traumatic enough to blind me from all the benefits of cycling. Experience is a personal matter but I’m confident enough to ride the busiest of streets, although I try to stick to quieter roads since there is already so much enmity towards us. Little ol’ me thinks it’s better to stay out of the way of the big cars than to spawn more lousy feelings. The city is filled with marked bike routes through beautiful neighborhoods so there is no reason to ride on the busy arteries with no bike lanes or shoulders.

    I’ve always admitted I hate other cyclists who gives the rest of us a bad name. Like groups of cyclists who takes up entire lanes for no reason and not letting cars pass. Cyclists who run red lights. Small-minded people who group “regular commuters” and “spandex-clad cyclists” against each other. Everyone needs to realize that cycling is a privilege and if we want to get respect, we need to show respect.

    All in all, Vancouver already has a very good cycling infrastructure and it’s unfortunate we lack the education to make it work efficiently. But we sure do have a bright future.


      Home Sweet Home

      Home Sweet Home

      You know that feeling when you enter your city’s limits after a long, long ride or when you see your city lights ablaze from the airplane window?

      When you finally re-enter “civilization” after a long ride in the further suburbs, up and down windy mountain roads and through solitary rural farm lanes?

      It is such a great adventure to ride to far away place or travel to the other side of the world, but it’s always remarkably comforting to be back home. All the fatigue from your journey will suddenly melt away, replaced by a new sensation of lightness and serenity.

      Two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings.