Never Stop Dreaming

all good things are wild and free

How would you feel if you:

  • Took risks without promises of success?
  • Pack up all your things and leave your life behind?
  • Did what you wanted to do instead of what your parents wanted to do?
  • Quit a good paying job without another one lined up?
  • Start a new career from the bottom up?
  • Decide to remain unmarried and childless?
  • Decide to do everything against all of society’s predetermined conventions?
  • Didn’t care what other people thought of you?

It’s scary.

But that’s why most people live conventional, boring and predictable lives.
That’s why they do the same thing as everybody else.
That’s why everybody is afraid to step outside of the box.
That’s why everybody is so hesitant on accepting the different.
That’s why everybody is afraid to be different.

That’s why society is so bound by common conventions.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone…
…of the comfort zone of everyone in society.
Do the unconventional.
Be the unconventional.

We are so often caught up in the fear of the unknown.
But shouldn’t we focus on what we may gain?
We may not necessarily gain a reward but we will always gain experience.

Have courage.

Live a life with no regrets.
You don’t have to be in control all of the time.
What’s the point in living if you have your entire life planned?
Predictability is boring.
Who wants to live by the same routine everyday?
The most memorable moments and best opportunities usually spawn from spontaneity.

Nobody has it all figured out.
If they did, that means they stopped growing as a person.
They’ve stopped dreaming.

The more we abandon this freedom to do what we want to do, the more stagnant we become.
Welcome the unknown, the uncertainty and the unpredictable.
Free yourself from the perception of what you “need” to do…
…and do what you want to do.

Surrender yourself into the flow of life and let adventure take a hold of you.

The quest to meaning is all about the journey.
When you have stopped growing, you have already ended your journey.
There shouldn’t ever be an end in sight.
When you think you’ve reached the end, take a break but keep on going.

Never stop growing, learning and dreaming.

all good things are wild and free

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