My Ultimate Fitness Bucket List

In the past, I wanted to accomplish a lot of fitness-related activities before I die such marathons, triathlon, Iron mans… until I realized that I have no interest in competition nor do I have interest in running anything longer than a half marathon.

My Ultimate Fitness Bucket List

I discovered that I’m an adventurer, an explorer and of course, an avid cyclist but my idea of a vacation is not lying on a beach in Thailand, shopping in Paris or partying it up in Amsterdam— in fact those activities already make me tired thinking about it! Who wants sunburns or waking up to a hangover every morning? I want my vacations to be exciting. I want to cycle in different countries around the world, I want to do grueling hikes in foreign lands, I want to ride horses across the Asian plain just like ancient warriors, I want to climb mountains… I want to do so much! Lying on beaches and shopping can come after all that fun stuff— if there is time for it, of course.

Image Courtesy of National Geographic.

Here is my latest fitness bucket list. Of course I have goals such as squatting 2x my bodyweight and typical things like that but these are way more important!

  • Complete a Gran Fondo.
  • Go on a bike tour somewhere Europe.
  • Bike in Italy.
  • Bike in France.
  • Go snowboarding in the Alps.
  • Go on a multi-day hiking trip such as the West Coast Trail.
  • Bike from Vancouver to California.
  • Go to biking, hiking and exploring in Oregon.
  • Ride in the Ragbrai across Iowa.
  • Bike coast to coast in North America.
  • Hike the Great Wall of China (or a part of it— and not in flip-flops!).
  • Complete a Spartan Beast.
  • BC Bike Ride.
  • Go on a multi-day horseback-riding trip.
  • Climb a mountain.
  • Go hiking somewhere in Europe (like Scotland) and visit ancient castles.
  • Hiking in Hawaii.
  • Cycle Highway 1 in Vietnam.
  • Ride up Haleakala in Maui.

What’s on yours?

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