My Summer Fitness Essentials

My Summer Fitness Essentials

My Summer Fitness Essentials

This summer for me has all been about cycling because I just can’t get enough of my new love. On my spare time (when I’m not cycling, working, eating or sleeping), all I seem to be doing is browsing for cycling gear… and this also means a lot of super early morning century rides to Point Roberts before work to pick up all the packages. I swear we don’t actually need all this gear, but we really just need to find any excuse to ride!

Here are my summer fitness essentials that I actually need:

  1. Sun Screen Stick. The unfortunate thing about cycling are all the tan lines you will acquire and not to mention the permanent sun glass tan I have throughout the summer. I carry this sunscreen stick with me on every ride and although it doesn’t really work because I end up sweating it off after a kilometer of reapplying, it makes me feel just a tiny bit better about myself.
  2. Sunglasses. Unfortunately, I have bad and dry eyes so I always buy prescription sunglasses— in fact, I just bought a pair of sexy Tom Ford‘s last week. I never wear sports-specific sunnies while out cycling so I do get quite a few comments about my sunglasses. Maybe sports sunnies needs to be designed better? But I guess aero-dynamicness could be a problem with fashion sunnies… Harharhar.
  3. Sun Sleeves. As an avid cyclist, sun protection is extremely important in the summer… and so is trying to avoid tan lines. I always wear sun sleeves while cycling to prevent getting any darker than I already am.
  4. Deodorant. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this on my blog but if you don’t think you need deodorant, YOU NEED IT.
  5. Electrolytes. When exercising for long periods of time in the summer heat, make sure your body is fueled with enough electrolytes to keep you from bonking. You can slip some NUUN tablets into your water or make your own sports powder.
  6. My cellphone / alarm clock. To wake me up at 5am for long morning rides before work …because I prefer to ride during the day and not in the evening.
  7. My Bike! The love and highlight of all my summers. 😉 And also the reason why I haven’t been blogging … and sleeping lately.

What are your summer essentials?

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