My Cycling Checklist

Aside from training to be a better, faster and stronger rider, I still have a lot to work on. Here is my current cycling checklist:

  • Practice riding clipless. After years of avoiding a clipless pedal system because of a deathly fear of falling… I’ve given in.
  • Learn how to fall gracefully (and take a bow) while riding clipless.
  • Get use to being embarassed when I didn’t clip out in time at a busy intersection.
  • Buy bandaids in bulk at Costco.
  • Gain a better sense of direction (although this is hopeless).
  • Stop being dependant on other people to navigate during rides (hopeless).
  • Find more victims co-workers to go on morning training rides before work and use them to take the lead on the navigatin thing (much better plan).
Clipless pedals & shoes.
I finally made the dive and decided to go clipping “clipless”!

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