My Clipping Clipless Adventures

My Clipless Adventures
Tip: Practice in your parkade.. with a helmet and KNEE PADS. #smrt
  • I’ve only fallen once. And it was because I looked down for a split second because I couldn’t clip in at an intersection and my wheel overlapped my boyfriend. Oops. Thank god we were riding in North Vancouver and not Richmond that day because the drivers totally knew I was about to fall. Heh heh heh. Don’t worry, no injuries except a sore left butt cheek.
  • Before the fall, I was telling Boyfriend, “man, if I don’t fall, this would be so anticlimactic and I would had nothing to blog about!”
  • I haven’t had trouble remembering to unclip (yet) but I sometimes have trouble clipping in— which sometimes makes me anxious at busy intersections.
  • I finally got the guts to ride to work by myself with my new clipless pedals. I don’t know why I was so scared.
  • Oh yeah. That big hill.
  • There is this one busy intersection near my work that’s on a hill that I still haven’t successfully clipped in there on the first try. Waiting for something embarrassing to happen! But at least I will be ready for it.
  • Good thing I’m usually commuting really early in the morning when the roads are nearly-empty.
  • Why do I have such horrible coordination?
  • It’s funny how the thought of biking with clipless pedals was scarier to me than biking to Whistler.

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