My Bikram Hot Yoga Journey

My Bikram’s Journey

My Bikram’s Journey

Last week, I overheard at Bikram Hot Yoga that the second class is always the worse because you know what to expect and it takes about 5-6 classes before you really get into it. My first class was meh; I thought it would be a lot harder. My second class was horrible; I was bored and couldn’t focus. My third was the “it” class where I really got into it and pushed myself. My fourth class got even better.

  • I always go to Bikram’s after days of super intense workout sessions so I get some killer foot cramps while doing some of the standing poses.
  • My flexibility has improved even more and I added some of these stretches to my daily post-workout recovery routine.
  • During the first couple classes, I discovered what horrible flexibility my ankles had. Must. Improve.
  • The heat doesn’t bother me anymore (my biggest fear in the beginning)! I usually forget that it’s even hot when I’m in there… that is until I’m blinded by the sweat dripping into my eyes.
  • I use to get bored but now I fight the boredom and make myself focus by reminding myself that I need to focus to make this beneficial.

I’m liking Bikram Hot Yoga so far but it’s still a once-every-couple-weeks thing for me. Trying to fit in biking, running, swimming and lifting weights/gym is hard enough already and yoga is still at the bottom of the list. I like the feeling of relaxed muscles at the end of a class but it still doesn’t compare to the feeling after a kill-me-now workout! I have 2 more classes to go then I’m going to try Power Yoga at another studio for variety. I will be back at Bikrams if I come across any good deals though.

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