Live Unapologetically Pt. 2

Katy | Prague | Halloween 2015I like my hair big, my make up dark, lashes long and my heels high. I love drama and anything different. Natural is boring. I am proud of my body because I always remain disciplined. I am a go-getter. Once I make up my mind, things will happens.

I like to ride the crap out of my bike and I prefer to mainly do it on my own because I don’t want to converse with you. Life is hard as a social-introvert— I feel as though I never have enough energy to keep up with the world. When I need to be alone, I need to be alone… otherwise I will completely shut down and be unapologetically antisocial. I am a bit of an empath and love to be surrounded by loud, outgoing and happy people… which maybe a reason why all my best friends are loud extroverts.

I hate large events and would shamelessly turn down invitations if I don’t feel like going. I cherish intimate dinners where you can actually have meaningful conversations about things that matter. I invest the majority of my free time with my closest friends. I always make the effort to see everyone I care about. If I care about you, I will move the world for you. Being surrounded by good company is what life is all about. There is nothing wrong with being picky about it either. Time is too precious.

Having a naturally quiet voice makes being in loud restaurants really stressful. But at the same time, I love going out too much. I hate being drunk or out of control and I don’t understand why people need to drink, or do drugs to enjoy life. I can’t be around personalities who takes everything personally. I have no respect for lazy people. Those who are constantly late are disrespectful assholes. I can easily detach myself from my emotions. I don’t like fluff. I’ve never given a sh!t about what other people thought of me and although I have burnt many bridges because of it, I’m still working on the balance.

There is nothing wrong with being picky… it just means you have refined tastes.

I don’t think babies are cute and I think most parents need to control their kids. Veganism (for health) absolutely makes zero sense and we’re all being brainwashed by men with with beliefs tied in politics and ideologies. And not enough truly people care about this planet we live on. I never want to be trapped in the typical, conventional lifestyle that everyone seems to be living. I believe there is more to life than all these preconceived notions society is ruled by. I want to experience everything. I love recording my life in photographs and words. I am constantly trying to create memorable moments. I am an atheist. I will never apologize for the choices I make. I will never judge others by choices they make. I have nothing to prove to anybody but myself. I will always live my life unapologetically.

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