Hello Sexy Muscles: Why You Should Stretch

Do you know what’s the secret to long, lean and sexy muscles? Stretching! Okay I’m a vain person and those are vainly awesome reasons but there are so many reasons physically and mentally on why you should stretch.

My favorite part of my workout is my recovery routine which I do after every single workout session and I probably spend a good 10-20 minutes on— and more if I have the time. Stretching, foam-rolling and feeling good… it’s like a yoga class that I actually want to go to because I can go at my own pace and do the stretches that I want.

Reasons Why You Should Stretch:

  • You will develop longer, leaner and better quality muscles— making you look WAY TOO SEXY.
  • Stretching will improve your flexibility and increase your range of motion which reduces chances of injury, soreness and recovery time.
  • Stretching will help prevent postural problems.
  • Stretching is rewarding. I love that feeling of knowing that I can stretch further than I did the last week.
  • Stretching is SO relaxing and it feels good to loosen those tight muscles.

What Does Being Fit and Healthy Mean?

I use to be one of those people who was “too impatient to stretch” but I forced myself and quickly learned to love it and realize it’s benefits. I am HOOKED and now it’s a part of my workout routine as much as my dynamic warm up before my workout to the burpees during. I go to the gym almost daily and so many people never stretch— I can’t help but feel a little bad because they are missing out on so much. A little part of me always dies inside when I don’t have time to stretch after a workout because I feel so guilty!

Do you stretch? If you don’t, make the time and start doing it now! Don’t you want long, sexy muscles and want to experience the awesome feeling of being able to rest your forehead on your shins? Okay that doesn’t SOUND awesome but it does feel awesome.

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