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The #1 Pillar in Life: Spirituality

The #1 Pillar in Life: Spirituality

I am not religious.
I do not believe in god.
Well I do… but I believe we are each our own God.

Life is what YOU make of it.

I do not depend on a deity to make my day good.
Nor do I blame it when something goes wrong.
I don\’t pray to will and hope for things to happen.
I go out and make it happen.

I hold myself accountable for my own life.

My faith is in myself.

I try to experience the world pass what my eyes see.
I try to be observant and notice everything around me.
I try to be mindful of everyone and everything.
I try to be understanding of everyone\’s opinions.
I try to be compassionate and dig for rooted truths.
I try to be insightful and ask deeper questions.
I try to respect that everyone has had completely different experiences in life.

I am the person I am today due to MY past experiences and decisions.
Everyone is the person they are today due to THEIR past experiences and decisions.

We are constantly interacting with other people, with nature, with technology…
We are all connected.
To each other. To the universe.
United, we are all one.

Spirituality is essentially the search for connectedness, meaning, purpose, and contribution.

Everything you see, touch, do, say and feel will affect something or someone around us.
Be aware that gestures or words you think is insignificant may affect someone greatly.
That\’s how you suddenly feel so connected to the universe.
That\’s how you develop a deeper sense of meaning.
That\’s how you develop compassion.

That\’s how you strengthen your mental well-being.

If you aren\’t strong mentally, you won\’t be able to deal with what life may throw at you.
Surface level activities will drag you down to your demons.
You won\’t be able to comprehend hidden meanings…
… clouded by brain fog and negativity.

You strengthen your psych with knowledge.
By asking questions and understanding.
You learn to not allow external sources dictate your emotions.
Because you realize it all comes from within.

When you begin to develop a philosophical approach to life,
positive attitudes, compassion and gratitude will flourish.

You will realize how amazing it is to be alive.
… how rare it is that we were even given this opportunity to live and breathe.

Your psychological wealth will increase immeasurably.
You will gain new perspectives.
You will unearth clarity.
You will secure hope.

The world is constantly changing, so we must be constantly growing.
If you aren\’t adaptable, you will be left behind.

I grow by continuously questioning myself and questioning life.

I am on a never-ending quest of self-growth.

Because I know happiness first comes from within.
My path should not fall under the influence of others and society.
My world is only what I perceive of it.

Happiness first comes from within. It is natural for happiness to ebb and flow with life but …the world is what you make of it.

Spirituality: \”The intrinsic human capacity for self-transcendence, in which the self is embedded in something greater than the self, including the sacred.\”

It doesn\’t matter where you find YOUR spirituality.
You may find it through religion, meditation, yoga or through yourself.
But find it.

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    Addictions Running Wild

    Addictions Running Wild

    You know you are addicted to cycling when…

    • Your phone is filled with photos of sunsets, mountains, roads and your bike. And your bike against every back drop possible.
    • When you stop checking the weather because rain or shine, you are riding anyway.
    • When you ride hundreds of kilometers a week and soon your legs are lean as fuck, and you can eat like a beast but still look great… what?! But I never even worked out! That\’s right! Because cycling seems to effortless. That is the beauty of a sport that immerses you so deep into the zone and then releases all those endorphins by the time you hop off your bike. Our brains are so good at leaving out the memories of the suffering while spellbinding us the pleasant ones.
    • You instantly like the car in front of you because they have a bike rack.
    • The first thought after a crash: omg, I hope the bike is okay!
    • You go for a ride after crashing even when you shouldn\’t.
    • Your requirement when condo-hunting is to be able to keep your bike inside your apartment. Can\’t trust bike lockers!
    • You are constantly tripping over your bikes and helmets in your condo.
    • When you walk by someone (on foot), you almost yell out, \”on your left!\”
    • You have no shame in cancelling social engagements to ride.
    • Your evening going-out schedule revolves around your next morning bike ride schedule.
    • When you can never wake up early for anything but will enthusiastically jump out of bed for a 5am bike ride.
    • When you are in a car and you get that overwhelming feeling of envy while passing by a lycra-clad cyclist on a sunny day.
    • You ride more miles on your bike than most people will ever drive in their cars.
    • Your wallet is a ziplock bag.
    • You have killer legs. And you like to check out other cyclists\’ legs. Especially those razor sharp calves!
    • You are constantly talking about riding bikes, forgetting that the majority of the population doesn\’t give a shit. But you don\’t give a shit and continue blabbering on anyway.
    • When you realize it doesn\’t matter how light your bike is or how fast you go, but you just get on your bike and enjoy the ride.
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      16 Things to do in 2016

      16 Things to do in 2016

      Happy new year! I never set resolutions because I am on a continuous journey of spiritual growth and personal development which does not have an ending. Why wait for January 1st to roll around? When you are free of a destination, each little step in your journey becomes an endless stream of unexpected surprises and revelations because your consciousness slows down, all your sensory experiences are enhanced and you begin to perceive little details that you would have otherwise missed. All the interesting parts of life are hidden in between the lines and requires some soul-searching and deep insights. It\’s true when they say that life isn\’t easy.

      You don\’t always need huge lofty goals but I believe you must commit to small changes daily, that will eventually result in lifelong habits.  Here are 16 things I\’ve been doing and plan to carry over into 2016:

      1. Study philosophy.
      2. Do things you are afraid of.
      3. Stop being so narrow-minded.
      4. Be practical first. React emotionally later.
      5. Spend more time outside.
      6. Exercise often, even if it meant walking instead of driving. Every little step counts.
      7. Sleep more.
      8. Take cold showers. They are so wonderfully invigorating.
      9. Write as much as you can. You will discover so much about yourself and the world. Not enough people put enough time into working on themselves.
      10. Stop labeling. Age, gender, ethnicity… those are all just labels and do not define who people really are.
      11. Treat people to the little things. A coffee, a slice of cake, their bill at dinner. Doesn\’t it feel nice to give without expecting anything in return? And don\’t worry, your real friends will remember.
      12. Stop talking about other people. If you have friends who talk shit about other people, they are probably talking about you too.
      13. Be curious about the world and always be learning about something new.
      14. Enjoy your life currently as it is.
      15. Be unapologetically yourself.
      16. Worry as little as possible.

        “Worry is preposterous; we don’t know enough to worry.” – Wei Boyang

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