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Excuse my lateness (again), but if you read my blog, you know I have commitment issues and I never write as regularly as I  should. Two days ago was the International Day of Happiness and I haven’t done a Things I Love entry in a very long time.

Things I Love @

  • Sunny Spring Bike Rides. Sunny spring (and fall) bike rides rock because you get the same beautiful weather but less sweating action. Yes, I know sweating is good for you but it is nice to not feel gross and sticky like you sometimes do after long summer bike rides when you have dirt, leaves, bug parts and other things stuck on your sweaty body.
  • Hot Yoga. I did Bikram’s today (second class back after almost 1.5 years) and as I was lying there in Savasana, I was thinking about how relaxing this feels, how much I really love Bikram’s, how the heat doesn’t bother me anymore (or maybe the room was colder than usual) and how much I’m starting to enjoy just lying there and doing nothing. Well, I guess didn’t really achieve the meditative state in Savasana because my thoughts were still racing, but at least I was enjoying it. That’s a step forward, right?
  • Sashimi. You can never have too much sashimi.. especially if you are active. Harharhar.
  • Comfy Desk Chairs. I finally splurged in a comfy and ergonomic desk chair for my home office. I would’ve rather put that money in towards a new bike for this summer but I guess it is worth it when your back feels good!!
  • Greek Food. Ever since Stepho’s opened their location on Robson, we’ve been going there A LOT… for take out that is. I would never line up for long to get into a restaurant no matter how good it is— plus eating in the comfort of you own home home is just so much better!
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    Back to Bikrams Yoga

    It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve done Bikrams Yoga and I finally went back last weekend. The last couple classes I had back at the end of 2012 weren’t great and on top of that, Bikrams is expensive! If you know me, I’m super cheap when it comes to fitness (unless it has anything to do with cycling), so I stopped going all together.

    I decided to try Bikram’s again because my friends asked me to go with them to check out a new location in New Westminster. I was also sick that day but I managed to drag myself out of bed because I thought it would be good to sweat it out. Sweat it out I did but it was HARD and I definitely could not hold some of those poses as well as I did before— my back was really stiff from the last couple months so the back bends were hard, my legs were sore from my workout on Friday and I didn’t remember some of the poses. The heat also caused some light-headedness since I was sick so I really had to take it easy.


    I have NO regrets whatsoever and I’m extremely happy I went because it has renewed my interest in Bikram’s Yoga! I love the intensity, I love the heat and I love sweating so I’m definitely going back — I just bought a 10 class card. *gasp* You see, there are a lot of things you can do for free when it comes to fitness while some things aren’t but is 100% worth it… and hot yoga is one of those things.

    If you guys live near the area, check out the new Hot Yoga location in New Westminster. They are offering a one month deal for students who have never been in the studio in 2014 for $39.99. Meaning if you were in the studio at any time in 2013, but not in 2014, you are eligible.

    Do you do Bikrams?


      One Tip For a Successful Gym Session

      ALWAYS go to the gym with a plan.

      Always go to the gym with a plan.

      1. You won’t waste time.
      2. You will be less intimidated.
      3. You will make the most out of your workouts if planned properly.
      4. You save yourself from standing around awkwardly.
      5. When you write down your workouts, you will also be keeping a journal to track your journey so you can always look back to see what worked or didn’t work for you.

      Do you always go to the gym with a plan?