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Workout Recap 06.24-07.01

GOOD girls do it better!!

GOOD girls do it better!!

  • MONDAY –  Lowerbody; deadlifts, bulgarian split squats, sumo squats, etc. Legs were sore for the next couple of days.
  • TUESDAY – Upperbody; bunch of circuits with different types of compound movements, rows and TRX combined with sprints on the bike for a super sweaty and satisfying workout!
  • WEDNESDAY  – Rest day.
  • THURSDAY – Warmed up with an easier version of our Burpee Circuit (but it was not easy!), then my favorite workout: 5 rounds of 50 Plank Jacks, 40 Double-Under, 30 Jump Squats, 20 Wall Balls, 10 24kg KB Swings. This one is hard because I try to make each rep consecutive and no breaks— huge mental challenge! Ended with bunch of rounds of HIIT on the bike but I used high cadence with just a tiny bit more resistance since I already had 2 hard workouts and knew I wouldn’t be able to give it my all like usual.
  • FRIDAY – Grouse Grind in the morning then went to the gym after lunch for a quickie glute session. Glutes were on fire!!
  • SATURDAY – Rest day. I literally did “nothing” all day except for a tiny bit of client work, eat, clean and laying around watching Netflix. Totally needed this day!
  • SUNDAY – Grouse Grind. I was HR training but this guy screwed me up my first split because he was literally breathing down my neck so I slowed down to let him pass but he wouldn’t!! So I sped up hoping to lose him and he held on for a while but he eventually fell behind. I ended up pushing way too hard in the beginning and couldn’t get my heartrate down again. Again my fault because I didn’t want to stop… I need to learn patience!! Will try again next time. I woke up with sniffles that morning and when I got to the top, I got chills and got a little freaked out because I thought I was getting sick.
  • MONDAY – 146km bike ride to celebrate Canada’s 146th birthday! Happy Canada Day! Is it bad that this was the first year that I knew how old Canada is? But now I will always know because of the the Canada Day Populaire! Too bad it happened on the hottest day of the year because the ride was HARD. The first part was fine and we were crusing along at around 35kph easily and I had plenty of energy but by the last 25k, we were down to 20-25kph because we were running out of water and it was scorching hot. It was kind of our fault though because we could’ve stopped to get water (or drink from my second bottle which pretty much had boiling water but I didn’t want to). Harhar. I just wanted to go home, shower and have a giant protein shake (which I did before passing out while right in the middle of Instagramming).

Other notes:

  • I think I overloaded on the cardio this week! But I guess it’s alright because I ate like a beast.
  • I’m coming to realize that I have a fruit problem. I cannot stop eating fruit! All that sugar in it is definitely addicting and it doesn’t help that I have so much around. Plus summer is the season where all my favorite fruits come out to play.
  • I discovered I really love doing the Grind in the morning… plus there is a lot less people.
  • I don’t care when I get passed at the Grind in the morning because that’s usually when all the hardcore fitness people are up there but in the afternoon, I find that I make more of an effort to pass people and stay ahead of them. But then it’s a lot easier! Harhar.
  • I’m quite sad because I may have to back out of a long-anticipated bike ride at the end of July…
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    Friday Randoms

    • This month has been a whirlwind and I didn’t even realize it’s almost over!
      Dinner at Home

      June was another month of massive feasts.

    • I did my second Grouse Grind of the season this morning! I hang my head in shame because by this time last year, I already did the Grind about 10 times.
    • Last year, my co-workers and I were super committed and did the Grind every single week.. and even went at 6am on weekends if we missed one. This year I’m not as committed because I want to spend all my free time cycling! Time is too precious to not be doing the things you love love love. But I bought a pass anyway so I will still be going.
    • I’m thinking of taking the clips off my bike so I can Bike and Grind more often this year and not have to carry extra shoes up. Or is that a valid excuse to buy a new bike?
    • The past couple of months, I’ve been dealing with leg pain which was a result of a tight IT band. I’ve been stretching and rolling the crap out of it (along with everything else— hamstrings, quads, calves and glutes of course) and it has dramatically improved. All these weird pains I use to get in my lower-body are slowly disappearing.
      Hip Flexor Stretch

      Vain mirror pic while doing a hip flexor stretch.

    • I signed up for Tough Mudder this year but I transferred my registration to next year because of the knee pain.
    • Plus I spent all my time cycling or lifting weights that I only ran TWICE this year. Tough Mudder is all about running so if I did it this year, I would’ve walked the entire course because I didn’t want to risk injury to my legs… which would stop me from biking!! I’m so glad I didn’t do it because I would have not enjoyed it since I would’ve been so worried about injuries. Next year, I will try to get some real runs in before the event.
    • My S3 screen has been cracked since last November and I FINALLY got it fixed. Every time I decided to do it, something came up like I went out and bought a new stem for my bike instead. I mean I can still use the phone and the cracks didn’t bug me… cycling and fitness is just sooooo much more important. And it doesn’t help that performance gear and equipment is so. Damn. Epensive.
    • I also broke my laundry machine a couple months ago because I totally overloaded it but I FINALLY bought a new one! Damnit. That means I have to start doing my own laundry again (Boyfriend always took it to his place and did it for me). Sigh.
    • I’m looking forward to my first long weekend of the year! Although I don’t really have plans except for lunch dates, freelance work, bike rides and a ton of eating. But that’s just the way I want it.