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Things That Annoy Me About Cycling

I Fucking Love Fitness

This picture has nothing to do with this entry but I’m too lazy to find another one. At least it has a bike in it.

I LOVE cycling and it’s worth all the annoyances I am about to list …so here are things that annoy me about cycling:

  • Commuting with my clipless pedals and bike shoes. I live downtown and have to bike through the hilly city. Very annoying having to unclip all the time and freaking out about not being able to clip in when the intersection is at the bottom of a steep hill. So I guess the ONLY solution for this problem is to buy a new bike (yay) so I can put the regular pedals back on this bike. Sigh! Cyclist problems.
  • Having to check my tire pressure before every ride. I don’t do it before all rides because I get lazy but I’m always scared of getting a flat.
  • Changing a flat. I have a major confession: I’ve never changed a flat on the road. I did it once at home for practice then hurt my finger part way (don’t ask) so Boyfriend finished the rest. Plus I got lazy and bored. I know how to change a flat… just never completely changed one. This is how you know I’m just a total wannabe cyclist (that carries bus fare).
  • Pedestrians not looking and walking into a bike lane. Luckily, I haven’t dealt with many stupid drivers but there are many stupid pedestrians mindlessly stepping into the bike lanes downtown. Some are looking down at their phones and some just don’t realize it’s a bike lane. Sigh.
  • Being a cyclist. Because everyone hates cyclists (especially roadies) and we generate the most anger from legions of angry people in 4000lb machines. AND I hate cyclists when I’m in pedestrian or driving mode too. Well not all cyclists— only the ones that makes us all look bad. :( But that doesn’t mean I will stop cycling!

What annoys you about cycling?

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    Cyclist Problems

    Mean Poutine


    • When any ride under 50km does not count as a workout.
    • When you plan a leisurely ride to work but you end up really really wanting to stay ahead of other cyclists commuters on the bike lanes because you just can’t help it.
    • When you are commuting in lycra and feel pressured to ride faster when you just want a leisurely ride. Damnit, should’ve worn a cotton t-shirt today.
    • When you heard someone lent out their road bike: “Wow, they are SO nice. I would never do that.”
    • When you can’t decide which poutine place to go to after a ride.
    • When you sell out your parents for weekend lunches because they always interfere with scheduled group rides.
    Leggings or no leggings? Fingerless or full-fingered gloves? Sigh.

    Leggings or no leggings? Fingerless or full-fingered gloves? Why is life so hard?

    • When you have trouble trying to eat back all of the 4000 calories you burnt on the last ride.
    • Riding up a bunch of steep hills and realizing you went the wrong way so you turn around and go back downhill. Then you realize: OOPS. THAT WAS THE RIGHT WAY AFTERALL.
    • “You won’t understand unless you’re a cyclist.”
    • Being super stressed out because you can’t decide what to wear and how to layer for winter riding. Freezing-to-death and overheating are extreme concerns!!
    • The sadness you feel having to give up Leg Days at the gym so they will survive a hard weekend ride.
    • When a week goes by without a quality ride feels like you just wasted your life away.
    • When you want to shoot yourself because you have to walk 5 blocks while riding up a mountain is something you look forward to all the freaking time.
    • When you’ve cycled a particular route dozens of times and one day you look up and realized you’ve NEVER noticed the gorgeous scenery along it (because you are always riding too hard to notice).
    • When you have to hit your brakes because you are stuck behind a slow ass Ferrari.
    Tan Lines |

    Tanned & Lined. FML.

    • Forgetting to start your GPS prior to a ride.
    • Realizing you forgot to fully charge your GPS before an uber long ride.
    • When you manually pause your GPS during a ride and forgetting to restart it.
    • The fear of running out of clean cycling shorts.
    • Chafing.
    • Having to wash your water bottles after a ride. Worst. Chore. Ever.
    • Checking out other male cyclists’ …calves. When they are sharp and pointy, I am impressed.
    • When you are climbing a mountain and another cyclist pull up to you and starts chatting with you like a normal person… and makes you feel really bad about yourself. Because you are struggling to breath and have no idea why the hell they don’t sound tired at all.
    • When you say you went out for a ride and have to clarify it was a BICYCLE ride… not motorcycle. Why would I ride a motorcycle?! That’s just silly.
    • The huge dilemma of whether to pass these guys or not. Because if I pass them, that means I’ll have to stay in front of them and I’m not sure if I have the energy to keep that up…
    • When someone passes you so that means you HAVE to pass them again. Damnit. Should’ve worn that cotton t-shirt.
    • Spending the entire summer with a mustache tan, sunglass tan and hideous tan lines everywhere and anywhere.
    • When Boyfriend shows his bike shorts tan lines to other people. *dies from embarassment* (they are 10000000000x worse than mine)
    • Finally having to admit that you are just a wannabe-cyclist because you hate other “cyclists” (who don’t wear helmets) and cannot understand why cyclists are so proud of their tan lines. Sigh.