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Oh, This Beautiful Life

Oh, This Beautiful Life

It takes ages to craft certain blog entries because I admit, I am self-conscious about what I publish since I don’t like writing about my personal life. My blogs use to be very personal but over the years, there were aspects of my life and thoughts I was hesitant to record because many people take things the wrong way and make judgments. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and realized: why do I need to be ashamed of my good life and worry about what other people think?

Being an introvert, I’ve never been good with words so I’ve always turned to creative expression (writing and art). I’ve found myself drifting away from people in the past because we never understood each other due to difference in personalities and the way our minds interprets events. There is no right and wrong… we all see the world differently as a results of our own experiences. But this is my blog and I’ve always been obsessed with recording history, life events, experiences and thoughts so maintaining blogs for 17 years and knowing my life has been forever immortalized makes me grateful. I love memories.

Like most bloggers, I don’t publish the majority of my entries because I either don’t finish or they aren’t perfect enough… but I’m on a campaign to eliminate the need for perfection and to “just do it.” Who cares if it’s not perfect? When we are constantly striving for perfection, nothing gets done.

In reality, there really is no such thing as perfection because once you reach that point, you will ALWAYS strive for more and if you don’t, you are just settling. You should never settle.

You should always be constructing your own happiness by living in the moment, doing things you love with a huge dose of gratitude and dealing with things as they happen— living and relishing in the flow of life.

Although I’m nowhere near perfect, I am forever grateful for past lessons and continuous growth, and the company I am surrounded by, whom I get to grow older and wiser with. I am proud of all that I’ve achieved to get to where I am today, and to be able to revel in the joy and freedom I’m experiencing.

If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is

I’ve been MIA all summer because I’ve been traveling as much as I can and when I’m home, I’m frantically trying to squeeze everything else in: riding my bike, seeing friends, work and other adult responsibilities I need to attend to (bills, chores, bills, chores). There just isn’t enough hours in a day and I’ve gotten zero down time but life is too short to not do everything you want and I’m in a very fortunate position in my life right now to have all this freedom. It would be such a waste to not take advantage of it.

What is life if you can’t live?

I went through a phase last month where I was so exhausted mentally and physically and haven’t been wanting to do ANYTHING when I was home (let’s face it… you don’t really sleep while on vacation), even getting up early to ride my bike. Gasp. I rarely have problems getting up to workout. So I’ve been letting myself sleep in, forgoing my long morning rides for a regular commute straight to work. I discovered that once I’m out in the sun on two wheels, all those lethargic thoughts dissipate because BIKE = INSTANT HAPPINESS. Seriously. It’s a proven equation. Since I haven’t been riding much due to traveling, I realized I’m literally telling myself how wonderful and grateful I am to be out on my bike on every single one of my rides. The feeling is THAT incredible.

The downside to busyness is my health has definitely taken a toll. I started seeing an amazing naturopath, gotten health tests done, have been officially diagnosed with anemia and GI issues due to the lack of sleep, stress and probably too much caffeine but I’ve never been more in tuned with my health and body. These issues have been a blessing in disguise. Did I mention that I finally admitted I am lactose-intolerant? I was denial for a while, just like my puppy-allergies, but I’m always armed with lactase enzymes. NOT giving up cheese, cake and chocolate.

I Fucking Love Fitness | Cycling | Golden Ears Bridge

Because of my health, I have been lowering the intensity of my bike rides and exercising less to keep those cortisol levels under control. The past year, I’ve only been lifting 1-2x/week and have lost a TON of strength so I’m trying to muster up the discipline for more weight-lifting and less cycling… but I admit it’s hard when I would rather be out and about on my bike. The one motivation for me to shake up my routine a bit is that my butt is getting a little too flat for my liking with this cardio-overload! Harharhar.

Life is so beautiful and precious… be grateful for every moment of it. I wouldn’t change a thing of mine except I wish there were more hours in a day to do more crazy stuff!


    Lighten Up! Enjoy the Journey!

    Lighten Up! Enjoy the Journey!

    I’m fortunate to have never encountered assholes on bikes (only in cars and on foot) but this story made me fume in disgust!

    Two cyclists come past me quite fast, one in black and red Castelli, the other in black and yellow Castelli cafe kit. ‘…off the fucking road you fat bitch…’

    Whenever I come across assholes in everyday life, I’ve learned to brush it aside quickly. I wonder to myself, “Who has time to waste on being angry over little things?! They must be so miserable with their lives.” That also makes me feel grateful for what I have… and I just continue on with my day. I love the fact that this wonderful woman didn’t let that stop her and continued her way up the hill!

    Nothing inspires me more than seeing “unfit-looking” people trying to improve their health and fitness. This is super stereotypical as we know fit comes in all shapes and sizes, but I’m always secretly cheering these guys and gals, some on older and heavier bikes, some with bulky backpacks, trying to keep up or pass me on my super aero, carbon race bike on the bike lanes. Or the ones we see slowly slugging up a steep climb with unbroken determination to make it to the top. I’ve been passed by tons of cyclists “heavier” than me and on “slower and heavier” bikes than mine— physical appearance and equipment are just facades. We all have our own reasons to get fit so be unapologetic and don’t judge others… don’t forget that we all started at the same place.

    Remember to enjoy the journey and do things because you want and love to.

    When you are getting fit or losing weight to impress other people, you will fail and wallow in your own misery. Those guys who belligerently screamed out those insults, represent a tiny percentage of the fitness community and must have been riding because they felt like they had to rather than because they love it. You shouldn’t rely on KOM’s, PR’s and expensive gear to make you feel content because that equates to nothing in the long run. When you are doing what you love for yourself, you will evolve psychologically and you’ll be too busy loving life to have room for negativity.

    Any time you waste being angry, sad and negative is time you will never get back.

    Most of us ride bikes because it’s fun and it makes us happy. Life is too short for anything less.

    Happy pedaling!!

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      Confessions of an Introvert: Thriving in Solitude

      Confessions of an Introvert: Thriving in Solitude

      I have a confession: I prefer riding alone.

      I socialize enough off the bike and the introvert in me is always yearning for an escape, which is one of the many reasons I am drawn to cycling. Yes, certain longer rides are only fun with a small group of friends but the majority of the time, I don’t want to socialize. I don’t want to talk. I just want to ride my bike… get lost in my thoughts and listen to my music (I only have one ear bud in, okay). I want to be alone. I need to be alone.


      Leave me alone!!

      I thrive in solitude.

      Doesn’t it just irritate you when you are clearly DYING and someone just keeps on trying to talk to you. Can you please stop rubbing it in my face? Just because you are a super fit human being, can you not see me struggling to breath while trying to come up with a reply to your question so I won’t be rude? Some days when I’m doing laps around Stanley Park, I slow down and let cyclists pass me so I can continue riding in isolation.

      But seriously, I do enjoy the occasional group ride… I just need my time alone too so I can be reinvigorated.

      I use to feel guilty about this— cycling is supposed to be a “social” sport… but the world is hard for us introverts, when everyone expects you to live up to the extrovert ideal: being socialout-going and talkative all the time otherwise you are labeled as boring, shy and not a team player. Introverts are not necessarily anti-social and quiet. Alright, maybe at times, but I am not a shy person and I love going out. We just need our time to “recharge” because socializing zaps all our energy away. It’s even harder when all my closest friends are natural extroverts so I always struggled to “keep up” with their energy, which was something I never quite understood in the past, but now, I know to never apologize for who you are.

      It’s quite often misunderstood that common behavioral traits define introversion or extraversion but after reading Quiet by Susan Cain, and learning that there are actually biological factors in our genetic make up involved, I now embrace my need for silence.

      And you know what? Thank god for my bike!! She’s my meditation and my escape.

      I’m not anti-social. I’m pro-solitude.