Fitness Pet Peeves

I swear I’m not angry. I just thought this entry would be interesting. Well I think so at least.

  • When “fitness gurus” think their way is the only way or the best way.
  • People who cheat on workouts. What’s the point? You’re the only one losing.
  • People who underestimate my fitness level. Or anyone’s fitness level.
  • People who don’t care about form and only finishing a workout. I know it shouldn’t bug me but I get really annoyed when I see people doing half-assed squats because they don’t want to be the last one to finish. I’m near the end all the time? So what?
  • People who tell me I’m not doing the exercise correctly when they clearly don’t know what they’re talking about. As one of my coaches told me, “they’re just ignorant.”
  • Unfit, unhealthy people telling me what I should eat and how I should workout… when I didn’t ask for advice in the first place. My way has been working for me for a long time and your way clearly has not been working for you.

    Yes the back of my hand should fit your face very nicely.

  • When people (mostly girls) see me for the first time in a long time and the first thing they say is, “you lost weight!!” Why is that the first thing people ALWAYS notice? And then they tell me to eat more. Then they ask me for weight-loss advice.
  • When someone tells me my chest didn’t hit the ground on my last push up when they can’t even do a push-up!
  • When people think the only reason I exercise is because I’m trying to lose weight. Do I look like I should be smaller than I am? Maintain maybe but not lose. That’s not the only reason people exercise!
  • When guys race me on the bike lanes because I’m a girl. I’ve never had a leisurely ride to or from work because once someone tries to pull ahead of me, I get annoyed and have to stay ahead of them. And then they turn to look at me while they pass me… at an intersection when I had to slow down. I passed you on ALL the hills. I win. Harharhar.
  • People who don’t wear deodorant at the gym.
  • And those with no gym etiquette.
  • People who read my blog and think they know exactly what I eat and how I train and then make assumptions. I’m sorry but just because I post a summary of my workouts doesn’t mean you know all the details.
  • It’s not my fault you don’t take responsibility and follow up with anything you read and chose to believe.

    Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. – Mark Twain

  • “Omigod you eat poutine?! You’re a bad influence and SUCH a hypocrite.” I’ve regularly stated that I believe in balance and I want to live… and to me, and fitness and poutine is balance.
  • How muscle is so hard to maintain while fat can creep back whenever it wants. Huge sigh.

What are YOUR fitness pet peeves?

My favorite exercise would be judging.


    Sneaky Sneaky Liquid Calories

    One of the EASIEST ways to lower your calorie intake and drop the pounds is to stop drinking your calories!

    Sugary Drink The glass of orange juice in the morning, the milkshake with your burger for lunch, that delicious Caramel Frappuccino to keep you awake during the afternoon slump, the beers at your company’s team meeting, the pop with your dinner… that’s easily over 1000 calories in liquid calories you are ingesting! Some people will easily turn down a donut but won’t even think  twice about getting a White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks. Calories are calories and it’s even worse when they come from sugar because it gets you addicted and sends your hunger and cravings out of control— and it’s one of the main contributors of the obesity epidemic in America.

    Sugar is sugar and it’s not only in pop but energy drinks, smoothies that are advertised as “healthy”, fruit juices (sorry, still sugar), alcohol, a lot of coconut water brands (yikes)… these are all calories with none or very little nutritional value.

    I remember when I first started my current job, I loved loved loved sugary drinks. I’d get an apple juice every morning, drink multiple bottles of this honey lemon green tea they use to sell at the cafeteria, gorge on all the free pop and juice we get at meetings (although I was fortunate enough to hate beer and avoided that) and dump loads of milk and sugar into my coffee. These were all habits I had growing up and I can’t forget to mention, eating at the 7-11 across the street every single day during art school. YES REALLY.

    One day I decided to start drinking more water so I set goals for myself such as “I will drink 5 bottles of water today” and carried a water bottle around with me everywhere and refilled it throughout the day. At first, I really had to force it down but soon drinking water became a natural habit like breathing. Not only did I lose a ton of weight, I actually felt light— I felt cleansed. I felt great.

    Nowadays, I mainly drink water, tea and coffee. Of course I will still have my glass of wine or my dozen shots of Vodka when I’m out with my girlfriends but that doesn’t happen very often. Swear. You may think its impossible or it’s gross but I trained my taste buds to crave the bland taste of water. The new me is definitely is a healthier and leaner me, thanks to lots and lots of water!

    However if you think drinking only water defeats the whole point of “living” (like how I think being on a strict diet all the time defeats that same purpose), you can occasionally replace sugary drinks with calorie-free drinks such as tea or flavoured water… or even the occasionally diet pop if you are slowly trying to cut out the evil we call sugar if you are really desperate (although you should eventually say goodbye to diet drinks forever).

    Drink Water!