Master One Healthy Habit At A time

So you want to get healthy? Changing your lifestyle is NOT an easy task so in order to succeed, you must change your habits.

Master One Healthy Habit At A time: I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

Be patient. You can’t expect to lose 20lbs overnight so the easiest way it to make a list of your worst habits that seems to be blocking you from your goals and start tackling them one by one.

Focus on one change …for a week, 2 weeks, a month— however long you think it’ll take you. You may not change that habit completely but just get started. When you feel comfortable enough, move on to the next habit (while still practicing the previous habit).

When starting, pick an easy habit to change and the following habits should be some of your hardest ones to take advantage of the extra drive from your previous success. The more you dread changing that habit, the more you should think about moving it up the list to get it over with.

Take baby-step. If you can’t see yourself cutting out your 5-can-a-day soda habit, tell yourself you will only drink 1 can for two weeks and when you feel comfortable, try saying goodbye to it forever.

Some healthy habits everyone should master:

  • I will drink at least 3L of water every day and carry a water bottle around with me that I will constantly refill when empty.
  • I will stop drinking soda, diet-soda, juice and other sugary drinks.
  • I will increase my protein-intake to my bodyweight in grams and track it in my food journal.
  • I will not consume sugar for two weeks.
  • I will go to bed before 12am every night and wake up earlier in the morning.
  • I will workout 5 days a week and incorporate lots of strength-training.

Remember, changing a habit is not meant to be quick and easy! You want to do this slowly so you won’t deprive yourself— if you tried to go from five cans to zero cans of coke immediately, you’ll be setting yourself up for a major fail. Like setting goals, these should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Create your own time frame for these habits to suit your current lifestyle.


    Make Your Diet Your Lifestyle

    Make Your Diet Your Lifestyle How is your diet like? Are you super restrictive? Do you count calories and keep track of all your macros? Do you feel deprived? Do you constantly feel hungry? Are you a yo-yo dieter and never see results? Do you have a horrible relationship with food?

    For years, I’ve been exercising regularly and eating pretty clean but I really do eat whatever I want and whenever I want. I probably eat poutine at least once every two weeks, if I’m craving for the only fast food I love (McDonalds breakfast), I will go for it— in fact, I just had it this morning and it was delicious! I say no to the salads and order fries with my burgers at restaurants with extra condiments. I indulge in greasy Asian cuisine. But on top of all that, I eat clean about 80% of the time and I actually get really bad cravings for fruits and vegetables. Really bad. Especially for cauliflower. Yet, I’ve never felt deprived or restricted with my diet and I have been successfully maintaining my weight for 3 years. I like to stay in the 10-14% body fat range throughout the year which I can also easily maintain. I’m healthy, full of energy, I rarely get sick and I am very satisfied with my body.

    How do I do all this?

    My diet is my lifestyle.

    I don’t force myself to eat breakfast. I don’t force myself to “not eat after 7pm.” I don’t obsess over conventional diet rules such as you should only eat fruit in the morning (I would just die). I don’t obsess over protein powder. I don’t even obsess over pre-and-post workout nutrition because I’m not a professional athlete and although I think it’s important to fuel your body properly, the industry makes it a bigger deal than it really is— especially for normal people like me who have no ambitions to get into professional sports and competitions. I don’t obsess over trendy ingredients (such as coconut .. oil .. water .. butter). I don’t count calories. I don’t weigh my food.

    I eat pretty healthy on weekdays because I’m usually too busy with work and gym to be distracted by junk food. I let myself go on the weekends because I LOVE to eat and I rarely feel guilty over anything I put in my mouth. It is the weekend after all! My portions are huge and I eat like a man. I have no shame…I love food!

    This is not a “diet” that I’m on temporarilythis is how I always eat and how I will always eat. Food does not rule my life, I’m reaching my goals, staying lean and am very healthy. How I eat is integrated into my lifestyle.

    What about you? Have you always had a bad relationship with food? You have to stop obsessing over diet and start eating to suit your lifestyle but if you always had bad habits, that is the first thing have to tackle before you can mend your relationship with food.

    We all had to start somewhere. If I never jumped on the healthy bandwagon, I would’ve never been able to change my taste buds to prefer fresh over processed, to be sensitive to the taste of sweeteners which I now despise, to drinking anything but water/tea/coffee is way too sweet, to not eat as much fruit as I use to just a couple of months ago simply because it’s too sweet for my newly changed taste buds.

    Once you integrate fresh food into your daily diet, you will be amazed at how much your taste buds will gravitate towards those ingredients over the processed junk you use to eat. In the beginning, you will feel deprived but I promise you will settle in comfortably if you stay consistent and disciplined. Once you’ve kicked most, if not all of your bad habits, you can start experimenting with your diet to find the perfect solution for you. Maybe you respond better if you eat breakfast unlike me, who rarely do. Maybe you genetically store fat easily so you must steer clear of all fast food. Everyone is different and one way does not work for everyone so it’s up to you to find your own.

    So when are you going to start?

    What do you have to lose?