The Pink Dumbbell Epidemic

I’m sure you’ve all heard of this equation, losing body fat is 80% diet and 20% exercise. You can workout all you want but if you don’t clean up your diet, you will never see results. With that being said, you may wonder, “then what’s the point of exercising if I can just eat clean?”

Well, why DON’T you want to exercise?! Which brings me to another question: why don’t girls lift weights… and lift heavy weights?!

When I see fitness videos and celebrity trainers promoting the use of tiny, pink dumbbells, I get so angry. It is impossible for women to get bulky because we don’t have the same testosterone levels as the guys and every woman needs to know that.

Losing weight is all about the diet but exercise is essential for building and protecting lean mass.

I remember years ago when I was at the gym using 8lb dumbbells and was afraid to drop the pins to increase load because I thought I would bulk up. I was doing high reps with low weights and even though I did lose weight (along with eating clean), I wasn’t building enough muscle and making efficient use of my time. So much wasted time. I cringe at the thought of that memory now.

Here are the benefits of lifting heavy:

  • You get to look HOT…. naked too! Muscles over skinny fat anyday, right? “Skinny” girls may look good in clothes but I bet you they won’t look too appealing naked.
  • Cardio may burn some of that fat off but weight-training changes your body composition so you get that desired look everyone calls “toned” … which is really means you have defined muscles. And you won’t get them from lifting light weights that don’t challenge you.
  • You get stronger which allows you to do more and lessens the chance of injuries.
  • You get FIT and that’s already a huge accomplishment in itself.
  • You feel good all the time. Because you are so healthy. And you look so good. Which boosts your confidence.
  • And the most important reason many people don’t realize:

    The metabolic spike!

    When you leave the gym, you will continue to burn calories longer than a cardio session and it also allows you to burn more calories even as you sit there and do nothing because the more lean muscle you have in your body, the more energy your body needs …even while resting. Hence, this is why they say weight training burns more calories than traditional cardio.

So to sum this entry up:

Can someone please tell me why 1lb dumbbells even exist.


    Slimming Tips to Help You Stick to Your Diet

    With regards to my last entry, Your Health: Starting with Small Changes, it’s no secret that staying fit is challenging to most but if you are trying to lose weight, it is 80% diet and 20% exercise so it’s important to eat a balanced daily diet and watch calorie intake. Here is a guest post on some simple slimming tips to get you started on a healthy weight-loss path.

    Eat All Day


    While this sounds contradictory to traditional dieting, small meals eaten throughout the day satisfy your hunger and decrease the impulse to gorge when you’re starving. Three balanced meals with sensible snacks and plenty of water keeps your blood-sugar level elevated. Mindful eating leads to weight control. The human body offers hunger cues that indicate when it needs food and when it is full.

    Go to Bed


    Losing sleep increases hunger hormones. By saying no to late night television or other activities, people maintain a regular bedtime and prevent hunger and overeating. A regular bedtime also leads to other disciplines. Someone who follows a consistent sleep schedule is more likely to follow a healthy daily regimen.

    It’s Not All or Nothing


    In reality, most foods are okay if consumed in moderation. According to Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen in her WebMD blog, the “excuse-to-eat syndrome” ties into moderated eating. While it is okay to eat foods with fat and sugar occasionally, staying healthy requires a shift in thinking. After an unhealthy snack or meal, resilient dieters can balance and maintain a healthy eating regimen. They understand that moderation is a vital key in staying slim and that gives them the willpower to make wise food choices. Like anything, practice makes perfect!

    Stress is not your Friend


    Facing a deadline at work or a personal struggle at home can cause stress not only on your mind, but also on your body. Unfortunately, too much stress can lead to poor eating habits. Avoiding stress or handling it properly allows one to maintain good eating habits.

    Exercising provides stress relief as does proper planning, organizing and scheduling. It’s impossible to avoid stress in life, but learning proper ways to cope with it can help you be happier and healthier in body and mind.

    Make Real Friends

    Most people have something specific in mind when they think of  “comfort food.” Unfortunately, comfort foods are not usually made from kale or whole grains. It’s the carbohydrates like mac and cheese that call their name after a busy day at work, brownies that offer comfort on lonely nights or a large pizza that celebrates a big win.


    While greasy, fatty foods provide temporary comfort for many, they are no friend to you. A living, breathing friend provides a healthier alternative. Judith J. Wurtman, PhD on the Huffington Post advocates sharing the weight loss journey with a partner. This increases the chances of dieting success. Sharing in healthy activities helps people develop friendships that offer comfort and success.

    Implementing these tips can set you in the right direction to accomplish your weight loss goals. Regular meals, great sleep scheduling, moderation, stress relief and reliance on friendship are useful tools to maintain an ideal weight.

    Dave Gregory studied health and nutrition in California. He is now an editor with an emphasis in the health and wellness field, and is learning to mountain bike.

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      Looking Fit vs. Being Fit

      The way I see it, looking fit does not mean being fit.

      Looking fit

      …is an image and in many cases, it is a temporary goal one sets and once they achieve it, they may fall off the bandwagon and convert back to their old ways. Looking fit also depends largely on a clean diet so being lean can actually be achieved with minimal exercise.

      Being fit

      …means that exercise is truly part of one’s lifestyle— it is a permanent attitude and mindset that they embody each and every day. There are multiple definitions of being fit but that’s for another entry.

      Looking fit AND being fit

      …is an exclusive club that many are not in as it requires maximum dedication and discipline.

      When you train purely for looks, you will eventually burn out because you’re in this lifestyle for vanity and not because you love it.

      When you train to be fit, it becomes a part of who you are and what you stand for. It becomes a part of your life. You may not exactly look like the media’s stereotype of a fit person, but you will end up looking pretty damn good in the process.

      Women Olympic Athlete Bodies

      Let’s look at the some of the definitions of fit:

      • Fit can mean you are strong.
      • Fit can mean you have amazing endurance.
      • Fit can mean you have one or all of the above.

      Fit comes in many shapes and sizes but the media has skewed our perception of what a fit person looks like. When most people think fit, what do they see?

      • Lean, thin and muscular body.
      • A well-defined 6-pack.
      • A perky and tight butt.
      • A really low body-fat percentage.

      But when you see someone with all those traits, do you automatically assume they can run a marathon in record time or finish a plyometric workout faster than anyone else? All because they LOOK the part? Yes and no. It could just mean that they maintain a strict diet, since we all know the equation goes something like this: 80% diet and 20% exercise. Bottom line is, just because you have a 6-pack, it doesn’t not mean you are more fit than the person next to you with no 6-pack. It means that you just have a stricter diet and amazing discipline. That’s definitely not a bad thing though!

      On the other hand, not having a 6-pack does NOT mean you are not fit. I know people who has all the attributes of a stereotypically fit-looking person but they take 20 minutes longer to hike up the Grouse Grind than someone with only some of those attributes. I know people who are bigger, thicker or have no visible muscle tone but they have better endurance and are stronger than those with a 6-pack! They just don’t maintain a strict diet whether by choice or not.

      Credit: Sports Illustrated

      Some people only specialize in strength. Some only in endurance. Some in both. But your diet will largely dictate how fit you look because a clean diet leans you out and makes your muscles more prominent. Some professional athletes need to consume more than others, thus their outer appearance may not define them as stereotypically fit-looking.

      And then there are those who go in the extremes to look fit but they aren’t fit at all. Such as people who starve themselves to be “thin” enough to get their abs to show. I mean we all have abs, but your diet really controls if they show or not… not exercise.

      Being fit does not mean having 6-pack abs. Being fit means living and loving an active lifestyle that challenges your physical endurance and pushes you to the limits.

      At the same time, being fit does not mean being healthy but that topic is for another entry.

      So the next time you judge someone’s fitness by how “fit” they look or if you think you are fitter than someone because you have a 6-pack and they don’t, think again!