Sugar-Free Challenge: Commence!

A few months ago I did a 2-week sugar-free challenge and I’m happy to announce that I’m doing it again but for a week only this time as a kick off to our weekly challenges. My first challenge really opened my eyes as to how addictive sugar is and although I’m eating sugar again (in moderation), I can’t wait to do another round.

Ever since my last sugar-free challenge:

  • I’m super sensitive to the taste of artificial sweeteners (I use to be a Splenda queen but now I can’t stand it).
  • I don’t eat thing I use to love and eat A LOT of anymore just because its way to sweet and I can totally taste all the artificial sweeteners (ice cream sandwiches, Chinese fruit cakes by the slice from T&T, sugar in my tea or coffee…).
  • I don’t even eat or crave for fruit as much as I use to!
  • Super-sweet processed foods makes me queasy. Like these sweet crispy egg rolls that I use to ADORE. In fact, I had some this weekend and I felt sick after eating a single one. It actually kind of makes me sad as I grew up eating those but you live and you learn…
  • I am more aware of my reactions to sugar now and how I crave for more really badly even after taking a single bite of something sweet.
This was all the deliciousness we had to endure through our last sugar free challenge. It was a girlfriend's baby shower so of course we cheated but we did 100 burpees, 200 double-unders and 300 squats (in order and no breaks) to make up for it.

This was all the deliciousness we had to endure through our last sugar-free challenge. It was a girlfriend’s baby shower so of course we cheated but we did 100 burpees, 200 double-unders and 300 squats (in order and no breaks) to make up for it.

This time, our challenge won’t be as hardcore as last time but here are the rules for this sugar-free challenge:

  • No processed sugars and artificial sweeteners (sauces, condiments, candy, white bread/rice/pasta/flour, pretty much all processed foods).
  • Protein powders are allowed.
  • Natural sweeteners such as Agave and Stevia allowed.
  • Fruit is allowed.

Have you ever done a sugar-free challenge? If not, it is something you must do at least once. It’s an eye-opener and if you are successful, it will change the way you think of sugar! Read this blog post for more details but to reiterate: sugar is in everything so always remember to check your labels!


    Healthy Eating Ideas at Work

    Do you struggle to come up with healthy eating ideas at work? I know I do but the key is to be prepared! I drive to work twice a week and try to bike the other 3 days. On the days I bike, I do NOT want to be carrying a heavy backpack (usually because of food) so I try to bring at least 2 days worth of breakfast and snacks when I drive and leave it in the fridge at work. It’s also because I’m cheap— I never buy food if I have to and prefer to make it at home, plus it’s healthier because I know exactly what’s in it! Since I’m working a lot of overtime and opted to come earlier in the morning than stay late at night, my company provides me with a free meal so I only need to worry about breakfast and snacks.

    Healthy Eating at Work: Breakfast Smoothie

    For breakfast, I usually bring a giant healthy Green Monster Protein Shake.

    I always thought smoothie recipes are stupid because you can literally put anything you want in there but here goes:

    Green Monster Protein Shake Recipe


    • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (my favorite is Giant Sports Delicious PP which you can find cheap at Good Health Nutrition).
    • half a banana (I find the entire thing too sweet)
    • giant handful of parsley
    • giant handful of kale
    • giant handful of spinach
    • water (you can also use regular milk / almond milk — any liquid you like)
    • 1tbsp ground flax seeds (optional)
    • 1 cup frozen strawberries (optional)


    1. Blend parsley, kale, spinach, protein powder, banana and flax seeds with water. Unless you have a powerful blender, you may need to blend it for a little longer to break up all the veggies.
    2. Put in frozen strawberries and continue blending. I like to put in the frozen fruit at the end so the smoothie stays thick and slushy for longer.
    3. Drink up and prepare to feel FULL!