Friday Notes

  • I planned to ride to work a lot but I haven’t been… because I can’t get up early enough in the morning (I like to go extra early so I have time for a gym session). The rides that I did do felt awesome though!

    Bike to Work
    Uh oh #vainmirrorpic
  • I can’t believe how fast time is going by because it’s about time to cycle without leg warmers and shells. Which also means tanlines. Ugh.
  • I’ve been trying to tone down my workouts this week because my legs are tired and my hamstrings have been very sore. I’ve also been stretching and foam-rolling A LOT more than usual. Sometimes I’ll go take a break from work and if my co-workers are wondering where I am, they should know I’m in the studio lying on a foam-roller or a ball for myofascial release. It doesn’t look as awkward as doing it in the middle of the office. Plus I want to be in the best condition for a huge ride this weekend!
  • A couple weeks ago, we did a LOT of dancing at a music festival (x2) and I injured a muscle on the bottom of my left foot which gave me a lot of practice in walking gracefully and trying to look normal even though every step meant shooting pain. Dancing counts as execise so it’s totally a fitness related injury. That’s what you call beastmode okay.
  • I bought a heartrate monitor a couple months ago and I still haven’t used it yet. Why. Am. I. So. Lazy. See? Just because you’re fit doesn’t mean you’re not lazy. Unless it comes to cycling, burpees and wall balls, I’m uber lazy.
  • The last few weeks have been extremely taxing and full of sweat, breakdowns and pigging out but I still haven’t missed a workout session… because exercise is just a part of the daily routine and it’s my therapy.
  • I’ve been eating semi-clean…

    Clean Eating
    Meal-prep is fast, easy and convenient. And when I feel lazy, I just buy a rotisserie chicken and I have lunch for 4 days.
  • …but cheating every day. Living a balanced lifestyle is very important to me.

    Goodies from our bike ride to Trader Joe's in Bellingham. We did 96k that day so I had to be mindful of what I bought back because Boyfriend was carrying it the entire way. I know right! What an awesome girlfriend I am.
    Goodies from our bike ride to Trader Joe’s in Bellingham. We did 96k that day so I had to be mindful of what I bought back because Boyfriend was carrying it the entire way. I know right! What an awesome girlfriend I am.

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