Flying is NOT Glamouous

Cosmic radiation, jet lag, airplane fuel circulating within the cabin. Those things can’t be good for you, no?

I’ve been traveling non-stop for the past two years and I noticed was that I was constantly getting sick— I use to rarely get sick. I’ve never enjoyed being in the airport in the first place. The boarding process, from the moment I step foot into the airport has always given me anxiety (even if I was early) because I was always picky about my seat and if there would be room for my carry-on. Stupid miniscule matters but I couldn’t help it …even though I made it easier for myself with elite status although that didn’t always help as I was normally flying with different airlines. My body would get physically sick with bloat, gas, headaches, and aggressive mind-fog whenever I get on planes no matter what I ate or didn’t eat. I am by no means a frequent flyer by trade and I hope to never be one.

I do not envy those constantly flying somewhere for business or pleasure no matter what elite status they have with their airline— it is simply too difficult to maintain your health and fitness, which is one of the top priorities in my life.

I’ve never experienced jet-lag in my life until November 2016 when I came home after two months in Asia. It didn’t help that I went all out with the cycling, partying, and eating there… almost no sleep for two months straight so I guess I can say it was also a burn out.. but now, I get jet-lag all the time.

If you have a jetsetting friend you follow on social media, or a seemingly successful friend whose always flying away for business trips, remember to not envy them because FLYING IS NOT GLAMOROUS.

For the past 2+ years, I’ve literally taking off somewhere every other week, if not every week. As much as I love traveling and the experiences you garner from it, I am officially traveled out. I quit my job a year and a half ago and I can say I’ve traveled the world, did a lot of things I wanted to do, experienced things many can only dream of, but I’ve come full-circle and am happily settled at home where I want to be… for a while at least. It’s funny how things work out, hey?

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