Fit Girl Problems

  • When you realized you’ve spent 4 hours of your life reading reviews for black cycling gloves on Amazon.
  • The guilt of not stretching after a workout. *DIES*
  • When it’s suppose to be a “rest day” but you end up working out anyway and label it as an “active rest day” in your fitness journal.
  • Not understanding why people don’t like burpees.
  • Not understanding why people don’t like the Grouse Grind.
  • Taking off your sports bra after your workout is harder than the workout itself. And straining your neck and shoulders really bad while doing so. And you tell everyone it’s a workout injury!!
  • Owning more sports bras than real bras.
  • When you feel like your life is in danger because you can’t steer your car properly since it was upper body day at the gym.
  • Having super dry hair because you have to wash it everyday.
  • Fit Girl Problems The worst time of your life is when you are recovering from an injury.
  • When you open your gym locker and 2 weeks worth of clean workout gear falls on you (my biggest fear is going to the gym and not having clean gear).
  • When you have at least 2 weeks worth of clean socks and underwear in your gym locker. Excessive much? At least it frees up space at home so I can indulge in my shopping habit.
  • When you have to explain to everyone that your gym clothes are clean because you worked out in the morning and was too lazy to change into “normal people clothes” since you have to go back to the gym or cycle home after work. Plus it’s not our fault that lycra, sweats and runners are so much more comfortable.
  • When you worked out in the morning before work and realized you had a meeting so you didn’t have time to shower … and you spend the whole time worrying if you smell or not.
  • When you use your company gym and you hate missing a day of work or being sick because that means you probably won’t go to the gym. Well at least that’s not a problem for the company.
  • Showering at least three times a day (morning ride to work, afternoon workout, ride home).
  • Spending all your free time on the foam roller.
  • And getting annoyed when Boyfriend is using the foamroller when you wanted to use it.
  • Being too lean in the winter. When it’s cold, you get REALLY REALLY cold.
  • Never going out for lunch with my co-workers because I need that time for the gym.
  • When you had an extremely stressful day and you realize it was only stressful because you HAD to make it to the gym at a certain time.
  • Getting super offended when people assume you don’t eat.
  • Being annoyed when someone is on your “favorite bike” at the gym. I know it’s not my bike but still. WAH.
  • When your day is ruined by the smelly-B.O. guy on the bike next to yours because no matter how much mental toughness you’ve developed from working out, you still can’t handle the stench of B.O.
  • When your entire collection of $200 designer jeans is suddenly too big. Yes, I learned from the stupidity of my younger days filled with unnecessary spending. Never again! Money only goes towards useful things like cycling gear these days.

Coming up… Cyclist Problems!

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