Fail-Proof Roast Beef Recipe

No Fail Roast Recipe

I’m all for fail-proof recipes because I am someone who once messed up pancake mix, and I just don’t like following recipes rules. I also hate wasting an expensive piece of grass-fed beef because I always seem to overcook food but this fail-proof prime rib takes a few minutes to prep, and you can just throw it in the oven. Meanwhile, you have time to do a workout, hop on the trainer, clean your house, or take a nap. I am seriously NOT domestic and if this fail-proof recipe works for me, it will work for you.

No Fail Roast Recipe


  • beef roast (doesn’t matter if it’s bone-in or not and what size & cut)*
  • garlic
  • onions
  • butter + herbs of your choice (optional)
  • salt & pepper

No-Fail Roast Beef Method:

  1. The night before, unwrap meat and let it sit in fridge uncovered to dry out the surfaces.
  2. Take meat out of refrigerator and place in room temperature for at least 3 hours before cooking .
  3. Pre-heat oven to 500°F.
  4. Generously season your meat with salt & pepper and rub with your butter + herb mixture. Chop a couple of onions and lay the meat on top if you don’t have a rack.
  5. Multiply the weight of your meat by 5min. Example: 5lb x 5 = 25min so bake your meat for 25 minutes at 500°F. If you are using a bone-in roast, make sure the bone side is down.
  6. Turn off the oven and DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR for two hours..
  7. Take out of oven and if your meat thermometer reads 135-140°F, it’s done.
  8. You can rest it for a few minutes but optional with this method.
  9. Serve.

Au jus Method:

  1. Heat up some ghee / butter in a skillet.
  2. Add beef stock and stir in a bit of flour or cornstarch.
  3. Heat until it thickens.
  4. I like to add beef broth or red wine (or even water if you’re lazy) if I want more liquid. It will still taste good, I promise!


  • Use a meat thermometer if you want to be safe especially if you have an older oven.
  • This method works with prime rib, rib roast, cross rib roast, and pretty much any type of roast. The cut will just determine how tough or tender your end meat will be based on the amount of marbling/fat.
  • Herb + butter mixture is optional as I personally think it fine with just salt & pepper especially if you are serving with an au jus. The herbs may make your au jus more tasty, but it will still be delicious regardless.
  • …but it’s always nice to rub your meat with butter. Why not? Life is too short!
  • 1-2 onions is good enough. I like onion in my au jus and so I add a lot.
  • Use as much garlic as you like. Since I love roasted garlic, I cut some slits into the meat and stick them in randomly. You can’t go wrong.

Always say yes to butter!

No Fail Roast Recipe
I served mine with white rice + lots of veg + topped with green onion & hemp hearts (as I do with everything).

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