Epic FAILS in Fashion

The Fashion Faux Pas thread is one of my favorite threads on Mallvibes so here are some of my favorite points taken from it (and also some of my own):


  • GIRLS WHO WEAR LEGGINGS AS PANTS. Cover your ass and crotch ladies… no one wants to see outlines unless you\’re just ASKING for attention.
  • ED HARDY. I\’m sorry but Ed Hardy is fucking ugly and makes you look like a try-hard.
  • Fake designer items— if you can\’t afford it, don\’t buy it.
  • TNA suits and Juicy velor suits. Unless you\’re in high school, forget about it. I\’m also getting sick of seeing Bebe suits all over the place; if you\’re running to go grab something to eat from home, that\’s fine (but still stretching it) but please don\’t wear it to go shopping (or clubbing).
  • Yoga pants and stilettos. ROFL.
  • Colored leggings if you can\’t pull them off. Some people look so damn good with colored leggings but the majority of the population (including myself) don\’t.
  • Skinnies with Converse shoes… I\’m sorry but I never understood that trend. I guess if it\’s your style (eg. if you\’re a skater and you look the part) then it\’ll look \”fine\” on you but if an Asian-washed Asian girl like me wears it… lord help us all.
  • Colored leggings that doesn\’t cover up important parts WITH Converse. Triple-slam.
  • If you\’re not Victoria Beckham, you CANNOT pull off pink denim.
  • Just because you are Victoria Beckham, does NOT mean you can pull off baggy, boyfriend jeans.
  • Uggs with yoga pants. I use to be guilty of this while going to school especially on cold days because it was the ultimate comfort outfit but god, it looked horrible.
  • Of course, my number #1 is ALWAYS: skinny jeans on un-skinny or too-skinny people (or on guys).

I could go on, but let\’s just leave it at that.

Of course, these are trends that I personally would never wear either because I think they\’re hideous or that they will look triple-hideous on me … but that doesn\’t mean they won\’t look good on someone else. It just depends whether you can pull it off or not. ;)