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Start Blogging!

Blogging to me, is a strong source of therapy and self-discovery. Have you ever thought of starting a personal blog? Well it\’s never a bad time to start!

  • Don\’t start a blog solely to make money if it\’s your first. Try starting a casual/personal blog first to see how you\’ll like it first because it can only be successful if you really enjoy writing and not treat it just as another \”job.\”
  • Write for your readers AND yourself but don\’t feel like you have to hold yourself back from what you want to say because it is your blog.
  • We all know bloggers are narcissistic to some degree but don\’t try to be funny if your not. And please don\’t classify yourself as a \”humor blogger\” because the best humor bloggers are the ones who are natural witty writers and don\’t need to tell the world they are funny (eg. Dooce).
  • Don\’t pretend to be all nice and sweet if your not because that\’s boring! We all hate arrogant people but I think it spices up a blog (just don\’t overdo it). Some people\’s blogs get popular because of their cocky personalities but I shall leave them unnamed (even though I enjoy reading them too). :o I\’m not saying you should be arrogant but don\’t be afraid to show your true personality.
  • It\’s okay to be bi-polar once in a while. It makes things interesting. :P
  • I mentioned this before, but it\’s worth another: blog in conversational tone!! It would avoid your entries being skipped through out of hundreds of other blogs we subscribe to because it\’s quick and easy to read.
  • Reply to your commentators! You don\’t have to reply to ALL of them because time is a luxury but if he/she repeatedly comments on your entries, it\’s courtesy to say a little thank you.

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    Favorite Blackberry Apps

    I\’ve been a Blackberry user for a long time now and I think I\’d die if I were to lose it because I swear I\’m totally dependent on it! I\’m finally jumping on the bandwagon and doing an entry on Blackberry applications.


    Although I have to admit Blackberry apps aren\’t as great as the iPhone\’s, I still prefer it\’s QWERTY keyboard over the iPhone\’s annoying touchscreen and laggy UI any day. Here\’s a list of some of my favorite apps that I can think of off the top of my head. Will add to the list later.

    * = not free

    1. Ubertwitter! The whole point of getting a Blackberry in the first place. ;)
    2. Blink* – If you\’re vain like me, you can customize the colors of your LED lights.
    3. Viigo – I use this to read my RSS feeds.
    4. Google Maps – If you don\’t know already, my life is pretty much dependent on Google (and my Blackberry).
    5. gFlashPro Flashcards* – Total geek app but this is sooo useful for my Korean and Vietnamese language adventures. My Korean is doing well but can\’t say the same thing for Vietnamese (much to Boyfriend\’s dismay). His family will probably go WTF if they find out I\’m enthusiastically trying to learn Korean and not really trying in Vietnamese. Hyukhyukhyuk.
    6. The Weather Eye – It\’s awesome to know that the weather this week is going to be a total drop from last. Rain. Come to me.
    7. Oanda Currency Converter – For some reason, I\’m ALWAYS needing to convert currency… what better way to do it than straight from the Crackberry?
    8. BB Smart Shortcuts* – The one thing the iPhone has that Blackberry doesn\’t is the ability to create shortcuts from URLS and stuff on your home screen. This is TOTALLY unheard of. :@
    9. FoodTV App – Great for looking up recipes and meal planning.
    10. Soft Reset – Battery pulls = most annoying thing in the world = thank god for apps!

    And of course there are other apps like the infamous Blackberry Messenger that everyone loves but it doesn\’t count because it already comes pre-installed on the phone. ;)

    BUT If I could only have one application on my Blackberry, it would definitely be Ubertwitter!
    What about you?