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Everything to do with technolgy; computers, video games, iPods, etc.

A couple of years ago, 5-year-olds use to ask me for my MSN. Sometimes when I go on the computer, I’d see the kids’ MSN Messenger opened with like 5 other kids of the same age on their friends list messaging each other. One day, I went on the laptop only to find Firefox opened with multiple tabs, left opened by a little 5-year-old boy trying to get on Youtube except he couldn’t spell it and each tab was ““, “” etc. I don’t think he ended up finding the correct site.

Boyfriend would tell me of this 6-year-old nephew calling his friends for “tech advice” for their Nintendo DS. “You have to take it out and blow into it and then put it back in!!!” (when the games won’t start) or “I’m on Wifi right now… go on so we can battle!!”

The other day, Boyfriend’s 8-year-old niece came up to us and asked us for an IPHONE for Christmas. I was like WTFBBQ… what do you need a cellphone for?!! She quickly corrected herself and said iPod Touch instead but I still wonder. Heh. And she’s probably going to get that iPod for Christmas too. Lucky kids!! *enters jealous glare here* I never even got Christmas presents as a kid. Our tree had empty boxes wrapped up because my parents never believed in giving presents and the tree was just for “decoration.”


Totally not her mom.

Anyway, this entry was inspired by a comment left on my Facebook photo by an 8-year-old niece (using her mom’s account). Why was she on Facebook? I have no idea. I wouldn’t let my kids on social community websites until they are out of elementary school but at least Facebook isn’t as shady as Myspace.

Oh and yesterday, I saw a little 6-year-old GOOGLING!!!! OMG. He was actually searching for stuff on Google. I’m. So. Amazed. And proud.

Technology is connecting kids to the world by giving them access to so much information, allowing them to grow up faster BUT is that good or bad?