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Start Blogging!

Blogging to me, is a strong source of therapy and self-discovery. Have you ever thought of starting a personal blog? Well it\’s never a bad time to start!

  • Don\’t start a blog solely to make money if it\’s your first. Try starting a casual/personal blog first to see how you\’ll like it first because it can only be successful if you really enjoy writing and not treat it just as another \”job.\”
  • Write for your readers AND yourself but don\’t feel like you have to hold yourself back from what you want to say because it is your blog.
  • We all know bloggers are narcissistic to some degree but don\’t try to be funny if your not. And please don\’t classify yourself as a \”humor blogger\” because the best humor bloggers are the ones who are natural witty writers and don\’t need to tell the world they are funny (eg. Dooce).
  • Don\’t pretend to be all nice and sweet if your not because that\’s boring! We all hate arrogant people but I think it spices up a blog (just don\’t overdo it). Some people\’s blogs get popular because of their cocky personalities but I shall leave them unnamed (even though I enjoy reading them too). :o I\’m not saying you should be arrogant but don\’t be afraid to show your true personality.
  • It\’s okay to be bi-polar once in a while. It makes things interesting. :P
  • I mentioned this before, but it\’s worth another: blog in conversational tone!! It would avoid your entries being skipped through out of hundreds of other blogs we subscribe to because it\’s quick and easy to read.
  • Reply to your commentators! You don\’t have to reply to ALL of them because time is a luxury but if he/she repeatedly comments on your entries, it\’s courtesy to say a little thank you.

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    Thinking in 140 Characters

    Everyone complains how Twitter sucks but that\’s because it\’s hard to get into if:

    • You\’re not into the social media scene.
    • You don\’t understand the benefits of Twitter (or just the web in general).
    • You don\’t know any interesting/helpful people to follow.
    • You think Twitter is only about \”what you\’re doing.\”
    • You only joined Twitter to follow celebrities.

    I think it took me about 2 months to really get into it but once I did, it took over my life!! :( Why?

    • Up to the second news updates … and most importantly: K-Pop updates. Now I\’ll know when and where Taeyang is flaunting his smexy abs even when I\’m in the washroom.
    • Great time-killer when you\’re stuck in traffic for 3 hours. \’Course I put my Blackberry down when it starts moving again… I want to punch people who use their phones while driving (they\’re like those people who insists they can drive when they\’re obviously wasted).
    • Interacting— I\’ve met so many cool and funny people on Twitter. We may never meet in real life but at least our 140-word exchanges kept those couple minutes of my life entertained.
    • Ask a question, get an answer.
    • Shameless plugs to my blogs and other projects (thatIhaventouchedinagazillionyears).
    • Interesting articles, funny quotes, inspiring people.

    I use Twitter for fun and I don\’t take it seriously nor is the number of followers important to me so with that in mind, here are some things that I realized:

    • Nobody cares if you\’re brushing your teeth at the moment but people will if you can tweet about that and make it funny. Eg. \”I\’m brushing my teeth and a spider just crawled up my ass.\” Okay, that\’s not even funny— just plain gross but if I read that, I\’ll be laughing my ass off to your misfortune. :blush:
    • My confession: Sometimes I only click on Twitter\’ers with interesting looking avatars. Image is everything when it comes down to a 24×24 pixel square!
    • Don\’t think you\’re all that because you have tons of followers. I bet 75% of mine are spam and don\’t even read my tweets. Same goes for most of you.
    • For some reason, we are all attracted to haters… they make the world interesting. I like controversial Twitter\’ers. :P
    • I\’m sorry, but hash tags are soo annoying because most people don\’t use them properly. Plus they\’re kind of pointless when you click on the trending topic and it\’s filled with people going \”WTF is a #monkeyfruit?!\” I\’m guilty of doing that once.
    • If you need more than 5 tweets to complete one thought, just publish it on your blog!!

    Other Twittery links:

    Anyway, I hate the term \”Twitter\’er\” but have been too lazy to make up my own.
    What do you call people who tweet?

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