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EXCUSE THE ENGRISH but here’s a video of my favorite K-Pop girl group, Brown Eyed Girls, performing You Raise Me Up. I cringe whenever I hear Engrish but I swear, they have the awesome voices.


    Blackberry Onyx 9700 Review

    Blackberry Onyx 9700 Here’s my 9700 review after using it for about a month. Note, this Blackberry is also known as the “Bold 2.” I upgraded to this from the Javelin.


    • Faster! The web browsing is faster but nothing to “wow” about compared to my old Javelin on a 2G network. Apps like Ubertwitter and receiving files on BBM are a lot faster though.
    • Trackpad!! I was playing around with Boyfriend’s Blackberry the other day and the trackball felt so weird… can’t imagine ever using it again.
    • My fat fingers are no longer an issue! Better keyboard than the Javelin (but I still like the 8320 Curve‘s better).
    • Text messages are linked … BBM style!
    • SPEAKERS ARE AMAZING! Well compared to older Blackberry models and even my 3rd generation iPod touch.
    • Battery life is a HUGE improvement.
    • It’s compatible with the Javelin’s micro-USB ports so I don’t have to replace any accessories since I have a gazillion chargers lying around everywhere (home, work, Boyfriend’s, car, etc.). My biggest fear is a dying Blackberry.
    • Awesome resolution and bright screen.
    • It’s the perfect size, which is the same as the Javelin but smaller than the chunky [original] Bold.


    • Leather backing looks tacky.
    • Can’t seem to set my right convenience key to show ALL “messages” like I usually do with older Blackberry models. Right now, I can only set it to SMS/MMS OR Messages (BBM/email/etc) and not both. Am I missing something?
    • I love how text messages are linked in a chat like BBM but I always forget that I’m texting someone and send them a billion in a row which they probably want to punch me in the face for.
    • My calendar alerts can’t seem to be silenced even though it’s set in my profiles.

    Rating: 9/10
    I only wish there was a bigger screen. I have to admit the numbers are biased because I’ll always give Blackberries a high score. :D

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