Vancouver 2010: Canada vs. USA

\”Sidney Crosby: The only thing Canada can put in the net.\”

Hyukhyukhyuk. I just had to publish that quote somewhere on the blog. We had an embarrassing lost to the USA but it was a GREAT GAME!! It wasn\’t anyone\’s fault that we lost except for Boyfriend\’s because he left his jersey at my house (like how the Canucks got kicked out of the playoffs last year because my friend went to the washroom at a certain time).

It\’s alright though… game\’s still on. GO TEAM CANADA!!


    Blackberry Onyx 9700 Review

    \"Blackberry Here\’s my 9700 review after using it for about a month. Note, this Blackberry is also known as the \”Bold 2.\” I upgraded to this from the Javelin.


    • Faster! The web browsing is faster but nothing to \”wow\” about compared to my old Javelin on a 2G network. Apps like Ubertwitter and receiving files on BBM are a lot faster though.
    • Trackpad!! I was playing around with Boyfriend\’s Blackberry the other day and the trackball felt so weird… can\’t imagine ever using it again.
    • My fat fingers are no longer an issue! Better keyboard than the Javelin (but I still like the 8320 Curve\’s better).
    • Text messages are linked … BBM style!
    • SPEAKERS ARE AMAZING! Well compared to older Blackberry models and even my 3rd generation iPod touch.
    • Battery life is a HUGE improvement.
    • It\’s compatible with the Javelin\’s micro-USB ports so I don\’t have to replace any accessories since I have a gazillion chargers lying around everywhere (home, work, Boyfriend\’s, car, etc.). My biggest fear is a dying Blackberry.
    • Awesome resolution and bright screen.
    • It\’s the perfect size, which is the same as the Javelin but smaller than the chunky [original] Bold.


    • Leather backing looks tacky.
    • Can\’t seem to set my right convenience key to show ALL \”messages\” like I usually do with older Blackberry models. Right now, I can only set it to SMS/MMS OR Messages (BBM/email/etc) and not both. Am I missing something?
    • I love how text messages are linked in a chat like BBM but I always forget that I\’m texting someone and send them a billion in a row which they probably want to punch me in the face for.
    • My calendar alerts can\’t seem to be silenced even though it\’s set in my profiles.

    Rating: 9/10
    I only wish there was a bigger screen. I have to admit the numbers are biased because I\’ll always give Blackberries a high score. :D

    I know iPhones can do a lot but here 10 Things iPhones Can’t Do, But Blackberries CAN!

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