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  • tanlines x cycling @

    Importance of SPF

    I leave the house one morning, the skies were grey and looking as if there was a chance of showers. YAY! No tan lines to worry about and no sunscreen needed…

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  • Fitness

    My Clipping Clipless Adventures

    I’ve only fallen once. And it was because I looked down for a split second because I couldn’t clip in at an intersection and my wheel overlapped my boyfriend. Oops. Thank…

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  • bikes x mcdonalds
    Fitness, Travel

    bikes x mcdonalds

    After days and days of Japanese food on my Japan Bike Tour, I have the worst confession in the world. It is a blasphemy to all foodies, fitness addicts and the…

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  • bike tour x japan
    Fitness, Travel

    bike tour x japan

    As I am almost a month into my Asia trip, I am sitting in my hotel room in Hong Kong, finally having some alone time and am beginning to reminisce about…

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  • 100 Miles of Happiness from LA to Santa Barbara
    Fitness, Travel

    100 Miles of Happiness

    Earlier this week, I rode 100 miles of happiness from West Hollywood to Santa Barbara. It was a ride filled with boisterous rolling hills and luscious scenery in between the Pacific…

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  • Life, Spirituality

    I had an Epiphany…

    epiphany : a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way While riding my bike to work one cold, albeit sunny October morning…

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  • Spirituality

    When Your Paradigm Shatters…

    paradigm shift : a fundamental change from one way of thinking to another, a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis In the last couple of years, my life went through dramatic…

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