All Habits Can Die


All habits, even good habits can die. Working out consistently, eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle could have been your daily routine but if your minds start to wander and lose focus, all those habits can start disappearing and you’ll soon find yourself back to square one.

You can have the endurance to run or bike endless miles, you can have strength to do a hundred pull-ups but you have nothing if you don’t have the drive to do it.

How to make fitness a habit and keep it a habit:

  1. Stay constantly motivated.

    I do this by blogging about fitness, sharing fitness (Twitter and Instagram), reading fitness and health related blogs everyday, watching workout videos on Youtube (yes, I do this on my spare time when I’m not working out), keeping a fitness journal, talking about fitness with other fit (and non-fit) people, inspring others to change their lifestyles… there are so many motivating and inspiring things out there. You just have to find it and do it.

  2. FIND the time to exercise.

    If you are really committed to making a change in your body, you will make the time to exercise because being busy is lame excuse. I’m not a morning person (my boyfriend will gladly attest to that) but I’ve conditioned myself to morning workouts the past 2 months because I don’t have time to workout any other time during the day and exercise is that important to me. So every morning when my 6am alarm rings, I’ll be up drinking my Vietnamese coffee or pre-workout and then I’ll hop on my bike or the bus and get my committed ass to the gym. Have I ever regretted waking up this early to workout? No.

  3. Working out solves everything (well almost).

    Sick, tired or stressed? Go workout. The idea of getting to the gym maybe hard but once you start, exercising will actually energize you and increased endorphins will cause you to be in an exercise-induced euphoria. And when I mean sick, I mean mildly sick such as a headache or sinus, not contagious and gross sick because that’s just disgusting.

  4. Commit with a friend.

    When I have gym dates, I never sell out. I hate it when others sell out because that shows they aren’t committed and I preach what I teach.

  5. Plan your workouts.

    I draft out all my workouts for the week on Sunday night in WordPress (where I log my fitness journal). Not only does this get me pumped up but it also gives me a plan so I can just go to the gym without thinking and just DO.

How do you keep fitness a habit in your life?

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