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Bike Life @ I Fucking Love Fitness

You know you are addicted to cycling when…

  • Your phone is filled with photos of sunsets, mountains, roads and your bike. And your bike against every back drop possible.
  • When you stop checking the weather because rain or shine, you are riding anyway.
  • When you ride hundreds of kilometers a week and soon your legs are lean as fuck, and you can eat like a beast but still look great… what?! But I never even worked out! That’s right! Because cycling seems to effortless. That is the beauty of a sport that immerses you so deep into the zone and then releases all those endorphins by the time you hop off your bike. Our brains are so good at leaving out the memories of the suffering while spellbinding us the pleasant ones.
  • You instantly like the car in front of you because they have a bike rack.
  • The first thought after a crash: omg, I hope the bike is okay!
  • You go for a ride after crashing even when you shouldn’t.
  • Your requirement when condo-hunting is to be able to keep your bike inside your apartment. Can’t trust bike lockers!
  • You are constantly tripping over your bikes and helmets in your condo.
  • When you walk by someone (on foot), you almost yell out, “on your left!”
  • You have no shame in cancelling social engagements to ride.
  • Your evening going-out schedule revolves around your next morning bike ride schedule.
  • When you can never wake up early for anything but will enthusiastically jump out of bed for a 5am bike ride.
  • When you are in a car and you get that overwhelming feeling of envy while passing by a lycra-clad cyclist on a sunny day.
  • You ride more miles on your bike than most people will ever drive in their cars.
  • Your wallet is a ziplock bag.
  • You have killer legs. And you like to check out other cyclists’ legs. Especially those razor sharp calves!
  • You are constantly talking about riding bikes, forgetting that the majority of the population doesn’t give a shit. But you don’t give a shit and continue blabbering on anyway.
  • When you realize it doesn’t matter how light your bike is or how fast you go, but you just get on your bike and enjoy the ride.
Bike Life @ I Fucking Love Fitness

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