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TwentyFourCarat.net is all about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle by creating sustainable life-long habits, all while breaking conventions. Here we stay in our own lane and we don’t take sides. We realize that everyone has a story and not one person’s circumstances are the same.

do what you LOVE what you do


Who is Kate?

Vancouverite. Business Consultant + Designer + Developer. Fitness Junkie. Cyclist. Bookworm. Geeky. Live to eat!

Loves fast bikes, good design, useable interfaces, positivity, poutine, climbing mountains on two-wheelz, traveling, kettlebells, burpees, passion, people, philosophy, jazz, acoustic, EDM, dancing, good scotch, vodka and water with lots of lemon, fine dining, lychee, cherries, watermelon, Korean seafood pancakes, Lord of the Rings, Terry Brooks, history, 18th century France, I Love Lucy, books, science-fiction, astronomy, psychology, learning, adventures, new experiences…


I am NOT a dietician, nutrition, or personal trainer. Everything written here is to for informative purposes only and based on how I live my life so please take all the content here with a grain of salt and know that what works for ME may not work for YOU.

This blog has been in existence since 2005 however most of the older entries have disappeared forever due to a database error. Not to worries, as we only look ahead!