7 Ways to Begin Healing from Pain and Trauma

Whether you are healing from a past trauma, a disease, an accident, abuse, a disorder, or a bad breakup, you deserve to heal. Both physical and emotional pain will fester inside of you and may develop into chronic or recurring symptoms. I watched this happen to people I loved, and then it happened to me. I always understood the importance of finding a root cause instead of putting bandaids onto symptoms, thus began my deep journey into healing.

Now that I’m on my way with results, I’ve learned how imperative it is to understand and identify issues with all your physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

Allopathic medicine should definitely not be disregarded, especially with all the misinformation out there. However, our current healthcare system is broken into different several distinct systems that address individual aspects of the body. If you want to get a diagnosis, you may spend months taking tests, and bouncing around to different specialists. It was absolute agony, and added stress having to navigate this broken and inefficient system, especially during pandemic.

Functional medicine on the other hand, focuses on whole-body healing (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual), individualized treatments, and prevention. Functional medicine, especially biofield science, needs to have a place in our society.

I’ve met all kinds of MDs, health practitioners, biofield and energy healers, shamans, and people who have healed successfully using BOTH western and eastern practices. You can’t make this stuff up! I don’t believe in extremist thinking and am 100% pro-science– conventional medicine should not be discounted but holistic practices such as energy work should be used to complement other treatments.

PS: I hate the word “healer.” Its mystical + woohoo qualities makes it sound fake and unbelievable since we are conditioned to think certain ways in modern society!

7 Ways To Begin Healing From Pain And Trauma

7 Ways to Begin Healing from Pain and Trauma

Have a strong support system.

We are social creatures, and this is a time when you need your best friends at your side. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Have hard conversations with others AND yourself.

Innerwork is crucial and the first step to healing. If you don’t understand why the way you are and get to the root cause [of your emotions], you will be a prisoner of your own suffering.

Do things out of your comfort zone.

Comfort zones are places where things never grow. People often have a natural tendency to avoid the hardwork, and the hard conversations.

Practice and prioritize self compassion.

Prioritize your needs, and be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to feel all your emotions without judgment, and let go of unhealthy coping methods.

Meditate, journal and practice mindfulness.

These are all science-backed methods of healing to ease your pain and suffering from your trauma, accident, or illness. Energy work should be used in complementary to allopathic medicine to speed up healing.

Strive for consistency and progress, NOT perfection and continuous happiness.

Don’t strive for perfection and continuous happiness because those are all an illusion. I applied the same mindset that led me to success in my fitness journey to my new healing journey: I focused on the daily habits and small wins which led me to eventually being able to stay lean, fit, and healthy year round for a decade.

Have relentless faith & be confident that you will be healed.

Tell yourself this every single day. The power of simply believing in yourself stimulates your brain to produce happiness chemicals to relieve pain and kickstart healing by relaxing, and being kinder to yourself. The placebo effect is real so treatments will also work better when you truly believe and tell yourself it will work.

Of course, everyone’s situation is different, and even if your conditioned may never be healed, having these tools may ease your pain and suffering.

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