20 Secrets of the Fit & Healthy

  1. We love exercise. It isn’t something we “must” do but something we want to do because it’s a pleasure and a privilege.
  2. We never compare ourselves to others. We focus on beating our own personal bests.
  3. We lift weights and do high intensity interval training to make the most efficient use of our time.
  4. We don’t starve ourselves because we know it will only be detrimental to our weight loss/maintenance or muscle-building goals.
  5. All our meals consisted of real, nutrient-packed foods. We realize how important it is to fuel our bodies properly with complex carbs, lean protein, healthy fats, lots of fibers and vitamins.
  6. We drink A LOT of water and stay away from liquid calories. We even carry a water bottle around with us everywhere we go!
  7. We heal through proper nutrition and exercise. We rarely get sick because of all the good foods we eat and all the moving we do. We take prescribed medication only when we desperately need it because they do your body more harm than good in the long run. The nutrients in food can heal your body if you are eating mindfully.
  8. We occasionally indulge because we are human and live only once. Processed, fatty and unhealthy foods maybe indulged on and we appreciate each and every bite, which we take with no guilt because we know we worked hard for it and genuinely deserved it.
  9. We stay positive. We understand that a cheat meal or a slip isn’t going to undo all our hard work. A missed day at the gym isn’t a big deal. We accept it, move on and bounce back into our routine quickly.
  10. We keep a journal of our workouts and meals. It doesn’t have to be exact but it’s something we can occasionally look back on to see what has worked for us.
  11. We rarely step on the scale. We measure our progress by how our clothes fit and how we feel.
  12. We get our body fat measured if we want to see progress in numbers. We all know it’s not weight you may want to lose.. it’s body fat!
  13. We take breaks from the exercise and understand the value recovery. Rest-And-Do-Nothing Day is just as important as Squat Day.
  14. We plan ahead. Every Sunday evening, workout routines and meals for the week are all written down. Food is prepped for the week; veggies washed and cut, proteins marinated, 5 days of tupperware partially/fully packed for lunches… this only takes a couple of hours on Sunday night which saves many hours throughout the week.
  15. We own our lives. We make the time to exercise. We make the time to do meal-prep. We never run out of time because we prioritize.
  16. We never judge anyone at the gym no matter how unfit because that’s where we all started.
  17. We are constantly researching and reading up on exercise techniques, nutrition tips, fitness trends and news on the industry. Staying up to date is also a great way to stay motivated!
  18. We motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle and surround ourselves with healthy, fit and passionate people.
  19. Our fitness doesn’t end once we leave the gym. We love to run, bike, swim, hike, snowboard… do stuff outside of the gym.
  20. We look forward to every sweat session. It is a part of our lives.

Health & Fitness is My Lifestyle

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