Benefits of Cooking

lots of steak, even more veggies

Back in my twenties, you would always hear me ranting, “I hate cooking!! With my spare time, I’d MUCH rather be doing something else!!” [aka riding my bike]. Now that I’m a little older and wiser, I’m glad to say that I immensely enjoy cooking for both therapeutic and health benefits. Since I have more time these days and I can work from home, I rarely go out to eat since I would rather make my own meals so I can curate each and every ingredient that goes into my dishes. Grocery shopping is a sacred affair for me and I have a tremendous passion for good food— dare I say that I love it as much as I love riding my bike?!

When I decided to move back to Vancouver, my boyfriend told me he was going to get me an Instant Pot to domestic me. Needless to say, it worked.

If there is one thing I am good at, it’s planning. I am meticulously detailed and love being organized. My sister once suggested that we both had “preparation anxiety,” meaning we just HAVE to be prepared for everything under the sun, but it’s not an obsession, only something that always always came naturally. Probably because of the practice I’ve had due to my anxiety of forgetting things over the the years. 😉

Benefits of Cooking:

You have the opportunity to be completely present and in the moment.

With cooking, also comes mindfulness practice, meditation, and/or just simply off-screen time where you can throw on a podcast from an ever-growing playlist. Cooking also gifts you with a time to be completely present and free from distractions. Along with the time I spend working out, it’s part of my me-time.

You learn about food.

Why is this important? Because YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Once you understand the the benefits of each ingredient you work with, you will understand the role it plays in your overall health. With greater understanding, comes increased motivation, which means better chances of being able to sustain this healthy lifestyle.

You are in absolute control of your own health

Whether you are concerned about the health of your gut, combating nutrient deficiencies you may have, or even the size of your belly, being in control gives you power. When you stop depending on other sources or blaming the world for your problems and you start holding yourself accountable, you are only going to move towards success. Every time you learn something new, overcome something difficult, or reach a new milestone, you realize that YOU were the reason behind it.

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